Have you been looking for a good hair stylist? The search is over.

I have been to different hair stylist to another. I therefore realized that having your regular hair stylist is a must. Because they know what to do better on your hair. They will tell you what is the condition of your hair and what treatment needed. What to do and what not to do. They will not rip you off just to earn. They will help you so that you will have a healthier scalp and beautiful hair.

Hair is every girls crowning glory. This will make you prettier and your food choice will also reflect on your hair.

I was told about this salon and that I should try it. Since I've been transferring from one to another, I decided to drop by. But was also told that I must call first to make an appointment before going because they may have several clients on that day.

One tuesday afternoon, I called and make an appointment and afterwards I went to the salon Jihyang. The receptionist was very accomodating and the staffs too. They were locals, while the stylist is korean. I browsed to the list and they have several treatment in english and in korean too. Since Korean hairstyle are dominating the world. Then it is a must try.

The receptionist asked me if I have a hairstyle photo that I like or I can check their cataloque. Since I cannot decide which style I like, I checked the cataloque. They have several cute hairstyle. While waiting they will offer drinks coffee or ice tea.

It was my turn to wash my hair. The shampoo and conditioner they are using smells good and make your hair soft. It is a korean product too.

 I learned that the best type of cosmetics and hair care products to use is an asian brand because they are specialized for asian only. As we are different from the western people.

Mr. David Park (the korean stylist) asked me the hair style I like then told me if I want to chop more hair or not so much hair. So I told him not so much hair. (Hehehe)

He was really nice. He chitchat about how I found the salon and where I work. Some random questions. He cut and did the style same with the photo I shown him before.

It was really a copy of it. I was amazed. He give advises on how to take care of your hair. Such a nice person.

After the cut, the receptionist gave me a membership card and explain how to earn points. I paid and went out happy.

Other services:

  • Hot oil
  • Volume Rebounding
  • Gel polish
  • Art nails
  • Digital wave
  • Color
  • Crystal combination
  • And many others

All in affordable price too. A good quality in a fair price. What a way to pamper yourself.

Verdict: I was happy with the result. I will definitely go back.

crystal combination

I went to the salon several times already with friends and with my mom. They were all happy with the result as well. I was happy everytime I went their too.

Finally, I found my hair savior. Excited for my future hair trealtments.

Salon Jihyang
F. Torres Street, Near Davao Convention Center
Contact Number: 3058926
(Call and make an apointment before going)

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