REPLY 1988

Drama: Reply 1988
Revised romanization: Eungdabhara 1988
Hangul: 응답하라 1988

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Family
Network: tvN
Episodes: 20
Release Date: November 6, 2015 - January 16, 2016
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


In 1988, Duk-Sun (Hyeri), Jung-Hwan (Ryoo Joon-Yeol), Sun-Woo (Ko Gyung-Pyo) and Dong-Ryong (Lee Dong-Hwi) are high school students and Taek (Park Bo-Gum) is a go player. These five people have been friends since they were little kids. They all grew up together and are neighbors to this day. Their families are also very close to each other. They always hang around Taek's room and spend time together.

Duk-Sun’s family is poor and they live in a semi-basement house. Duk-Sun's father Dong-Il (Sung Dong-Il) lost money due to guaranteeing someone else's debt. Nevertheless, Duk-Sun has a bright personality and enjoys singing and dancing. She always gets into fights with her older sister Bo-Ra (Ryoo Hye-Young).

Jung-Hwan’s family became rich overnight. Jung-Hwan is crazy about soccer.

Sun-Woo is a model student at school, good son and good brother at home. Sun-Woo’s mother has raised Sun-Woo and his younger sister alone after Sun-Woo’s father passed away.

Dong-Ryong likes dancing and hanging out with his 4 friends. He gives up going to a university due to his poor academic score.

Taek is a famous go player known as God. Since he dropped out of school, Duk-Sun, Jung-Hwan, Sun-Woo and Dong-Ryong are his only friends.


Main characters
Lee Hyeri as Sung Deok-sun/Sung Soo-yeon
Park Bo-gum as Choi Taek
Go Kyung-pyo as Sung Sun-woo
Ryu Jun-yeol as Kim Jung-hwan
Lee Dong-hwi as Ryu Dong-ryong

Supporting characters

Sung family
Sung Dong-il as Sung Dong-il (Deok-sun's father)
Lee Il-hwa as Lee Il-hwa (Deok-sun's mother)
Ryu Hye-young as Sung Bo-ra (Deok-sun's older sister)
Choi Sung-won as Sung No-eul (Deok-sun's younger brother)

Kim family
Kim Sung-kyun as Kim Sung-kyun (Jung-hwan's father)
Ra Mi-ran as Ra Mi-ran (Jung-hwan's mother)
Ahn Jae-hong as Kim Jung-bong (Jung-hwan's older brother)

Sun-woo family
Kim Sun-young as Kim Sun-young (Sun-woo's mother)
Kim Seol as Sung Jin-joo (Sun-woo's little sister)

Neighborhood residents
Choi Moo-sung as Choi Moo-sung (Taek's father)
Yoo Jae-myung as Ryu Jae-myung (Dong-ryong's father)

Extended cast
Lee Min-ji as Jang Mi-ok (Deok-sun's friend)
Lee Se-young as Wang Ja-hyun (Deok-sun's friend)
Song Young Kyu as Sun-young's older brother
Lee Mi-yeon as adult Sung Deok-sun
Kim Joo-hyuk as adult Choi Taek
Jeon Mi-seon as adult Sung Bo-ra
Woo Hyun as adult Sung No-eul
Yong Young-jae as director of Korea Baduk Association Bae Yoo-ram

Cameo and guest appearances
Kim Young-ok as Deok-sun's grandmother (ep. 2)
Jung Won-joong as Dong-il's older brother (ep. 2)
Kim Su-ro as snack shop owner (ep. 3)
Lee Moon-se (voice) as radio DJ (ep. 6)
Park Ji-yoon as TV interviewer (ep. 7)
Park Jung-min as Bo-ra's boyfriend (ep. 8)
Kim Tae-hoon as Cardiac surgeon (ep. 8)
Lee Soo-kyung as No-eul's girlfriend (ep. 8)
Jung Yoo-min as Bo-ra's friend (ep. 8)
Jung Hae-in as Ho-young, Deok-sun's middle school friend (ep. 13)
Shin Young-jin as Class President's mother (ep.14)
Jung Woo as Kim Jae-joon/Trash (ep.18)
Go Ara as Sung Na-Jung (ep.18)


Director: Shin Won-Ho
Writer: Lee Woo-Jung

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