Fashion: Jumpsuits and Playsuits

It was only a few short years ago that cutesy playsuits and rompers were a summer must-have (albeit a short lived one). Well, as fashion would dictate it, one-piece anythings are back in style. From overalls to jumpsuits, to playsuits and rompers, these one piece cuts are an option for fashionisers looking for pieces for their spring 2011 wardrobe. And for those who are, they can rest assured knowing that any investment pieces, particularly statement playsuits, will be a worthy investment with the one piece styles on the cards as sitting amongst spring 2011 fashion trends.

Jumpsuit & Playsuit styles

Overalls: while we saw denim overalls on the Ralph Lauren S/S 2010 catwalk, this was really an exception. Denim overalls aren't a part of this trend for 2010, and we don't expect to see them for on trend in spring 2011 either.
Evening: a new take on relaxed glamour, no-one has nailed this quite like Alber Elbaz for Lanvin. Single-shouldered and sequin covered jumpsuits were a striking alternative to the traditional evening dress.
Tailored: smart and sophisticated, a tailored playsuit can be office-ready as well as dressed up for day or night. Look for crisper fabrics, cuffed shorts, and cinched in waists - a la Karl Lagerfeld.
Loose and flowing: the perfect take for Spring/Summer, this look has a dash of hippy - working best when combined with soft floral prints. Fabrics should be free-flowing, legs wide and long. The likes of Roberto Cavalli and Etro produced the perfect examples.
Sporty: Julien MacDonald, Lacoste and Walter all took sportier options, in line with S/S '10's sports trend; from hoods and zips to simple cotton jersey fabrics.
Basic: while some designers have gone for prints and intricate detailing, the likes of Stella McCartney and Givenchy presented the ideal basic options. A more versatile wardrobe staple, go for black, white or nude colours and simple straight cuts.
Pictures of these styles and others can be found in the gallery of jumpsuit and playsuit picturesbelow.
erin fetherston jumpsuit
Erin Fetherston S/S '10 jumpsuit

Jumpsuit & playsuit lengths

Anything goes when it comes to length. At their shortest, we saw playsuits and rompers that were almost as tiny as hot pants (in a way blurring the lines between playsuits and bodysuits). At their longest they reached the ankles as full jumpsuits, and in between were knee length and mid-calf versions like those seen on the runways of Badgley Mischka and DKNY.

How to wear jumpsuits & playsuits

While you can get a pretty clear idea of some of the style options via the paragraph above, here are some more general tips and ideas of how to wear the trend:
  • If you have curves or a pear-shaped figure, try for a halter jumpsuit or playsuit, belted in firmly at the waist, for a bombshell silhouette.
  • For night time opt for luxurious fabrics like silks; details like sequins or sheer panels; or leather for an edgier look.
  • If you go for a basic block-colour piece, the options are practically endless. Try a cropped jacket in a contrasting colour, a la Givenchy; bold statement jewellery; any variety of belts or ties; or some out there add-ons like removable shoulder epaulettes, badges, chains, or interesting layers.
  • Another way to wear the jumpsuit in 2010 is with an exotic feel: to work this style look for billowing harem-style pants with gathered-in ankles.


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Waking up: Uturuncu, which rises 6,000 meters in southwest Bolivia, is blowing up like a big balloon, according to scientists
Waking up: Uturuncu, which rises 6,000 meters in southwest Bolivia, is blowing up like a big balloon, according to scientists
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Fashion 2011: Stripes and nautical prints

2010's infatuation with military fashion was heavily influenced by army and air force styling, meaning naval influenced pieces hardy got a look in. As the military trend winds down for spring 2011, we turn to new influences - but that doesn't mean the nautical shall be overlooked entirely. For those fashionisers who are nautically inclined, Spring 2011 still has something in store. Don't think of it strictly as a nautical military trend, however. Rather, in 2011, it's the classic navy and white colour palette, worn as dominant stripes.
navy stripe clothing
Striped summer dress at Jil Sander SS11

The Style

Note that I didn't say bold stripes, but dominant stripes. While navy and white stripes are a must for the look (though black and white can also work in 2011), the real key to Summer's take on nautical stripes is that they dominate the outfit. While they do so in the below look easily (though the plum Doc Martens still seem somewhat heavy), in other outfits it's about drawing attention to the stripes above all else in the outfit.
navy stripe clothing
Striped summer dress snapped in Sydney by Vanessa Jackman.
As an illustration of the point be sure to look at the inspiration pictures below; while most looks rely on bold stripes, you'll see that the trend is just as effective when the stripes are thin. Hence for Summer 2010 look for dominant stripes, not necessarily bold ones.

The Pieces To Wear in 2011

Don't think of this Summer stripes just as a clothing trend: you can work them into any part of an outfit (just not all at once, please). As you'll see in the inspiration gallery stripes can dominate an outfit in everything from hats to killer mini-dresses.
striped hat
Striped summer hat snapped by Jak and Jil.
2011's return of bell bottoms - a style which originated with the sailor pants of the US navy - also presents the perfect opportunity for creating nautical ensembles. And of course a striped top with flares is a combination that also lends itself to a perfectly 70s inspired look.
stripes with flares
Striped top and flared jeans at 
Fidelity Denim SS11

To Nautical Or Not To Nautical?

While Summer's navy and white striped fashion trend isn't a true take on navy inspired fashion, it's likely to appeal to those who are in to the nautical aesthetic. If that's you and you're after some inspiration look to Anja Rubik's sailor inspiration from the June 2010 issue of Vogue Korea. The shoot utilises the season's stripe trend in the form of a dominant blazer, but takes the nautical motifs to far less subtle proportions.
anja rubik navy


The natural inclination for layering nautical pieces in an outfit is to do so with complimentary colours (read 'navy and white'). And I can't fault that logic. It's the easy option. But may I offer up one piece of inspiration that differs from the safe? Clashes of stripes with other patterns or prints, for example this shot of Nataliya Piro in Cosmopolitan magazine mixing (admittedly non-dominant) stripes with florals. The stripes don't dominate, but in a crowded room the look certainly will.
stripes with florals
Nautical stripes with floral print.


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AMANDA SEYFRIED'S MAKEUP photo | Amanda Seyfried


The actress vamped it up at the London premiere of Red Riding Hood, wearing a Clé de Peau makeup look by Mary Greenwell.

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