You probably don’t know who US model Kate Upton is, and that’s okay. She’s pretty new to the whole “having pictures taken of you in your bra and pants” scene as she’s only 18. Still. She’s doing very well for such a young woman.
Despite being so young, she’s already been in the Sports Illustrated Bikini Issue and basically won Twitter with a series of sexy pictures. We made sure to tell you about those as soon as they happened, because we’re great like that. We’ve also mentioned, in passing, that was the face (and, uh, body) of the Guess lingerie campaign for their Spring/Summer line.

It is impossible for Kate to wear clothes normally, as God intervenes and undoes them
Why did we only mention that in passing? Why didn’t we show you these pictures, and this video? We’re very, very sorry. We didn’t mean to upset anyone. Things just got out of hand, you know? Our alarm clocks didn’t go off. We were really busy. We missed the bus. The dog ate it. Our Gran died. There was a fire. We’ve been kind of sick recently. All of that and more is definitely true, we swear.
Look, why can’t we all just get along? We’re only a few weeks late! Lovely Kate Upton is stood there (or sat there, depending on which photo you’re looking at, or moving around if you’re watching the video, you should watch the video, it’s fairly exciting, she takes her clothes off and everything) in fancy lingerie. Let’s just calm down and settle our differences over a nice hot cup of underwear model, eh? Let’s brighten up this dreary Friday morning.

Kate keeps her trim figure by chewing on clothes instead of eating

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