Keeping feet soft and pretty in spring and summer sandals is a challenge. Winter feet aren't quite sandal ready. It may take some doing to get them soft and pretty. It's a battle to keep them that way too. Feet
dry out quickly when exposed to the elements. Beach sand and sidewalk dirt can stick to lotions and creams. New shoe blisters and calluses are an issue too. What about that crusty heel effect? Keeping feet soft and pretty in Spring and Summer Sandals takes a bit of effort, but it's well worth it.

Get Rid of the RoughageWinter means you don't have to show your feet so much. Sometimes we slack off on keeping feet soft and pretty when schedules get hectic. If you start now, your feet can be sandal ready in just a few weeks. Start by soaking feet each night in an oatmeal bath. Use a pumice stone to slough away any rough edges. Sometimes it helps to do this while feet are still immersed. Do not use a razor blade to scrape feet. This can cause small cracks in the skin that worsen rough spots. 

Natural Athletes Foot ReliefIf you have athletes foot, you'll have to cure that first before you start a moisturizing routine. Moisture can aggravate athletes foot and make it worse. Keeping feet soft and pretty means getting them healthy first. Tea tree oil and Vinegar are both effective natural athletes foot remedies. Apply directly to affected areas in the morning and before bed. 

MoisturizeEvery night after soaking and pumicing feet, use a good moisturizer. Do this before your feet are dried to lock in moisture. Using creams instead of lotion brings concentrated help to dry feet. What's the best moisturizer? Plain old petroleum jelly. You may know it as Vaseline, but this is a brand name. Slather it on after soaking feet and don a pair of clean cotton socks. Wear them overnight for deep conditioning. Can't stand socks in bed? Cut a hole in the toes to let feet breathe a bit. Hydrate from the inside out by drinking lots of water too.

Timing is Everything
If you apply lotions in the morning before you slip on your spring and summer sandals, you could be in for a big mess. Lotions and creams may cause dirt and sand to stick to feet and dry them further. Deep moisturizing each night is the best method. Moisture is locked in at night for all day protection without the sticky mess.

Nail CareIf you want soft and pretty feet that will get you noticed, don't forget the pedicure. Keeping nails clean and neatly trimmed is a good start. Avoid gaudy nail colors for spring and summer flair. Pastels lend a flattering hint of femininity to any skin tone. Keeping feet soft and pretty in spring and summer sandals means keeping nails visibly neat as well.

Give Your Tootsies a BreakGiving your soft and pretty feet a break from sandals helps too. Wearing them constantly gives feet too much exposure. Lotion up when inside and pop those cotton socks on. This gives feet an extra moisturizing treatment. Wear socks and lotion while doing housework, reading or just lounging around. You'll have soft and pretty feet for spring and summer sandals in no time.

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