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Makeup artist Lorrie Turk played up the romance for Swift's ACM Awards red carpet stroll using CoverGirl makeup.

Four Easy Steps

1: Smooth skin with NatureLuxe Silk Foundation before dusting cheeks with Classic Color Blush in Rose Silk.

2: Dust Eye Enhancers 1-Kit shadow in nude Tapestry Taupe from lash line to crease and shimmering Champagne on brow bone and at inner corners.

3: Wing out Liquiline Blast eyeliner in Black Fire and sweep lashes with LashBlash Fusion mascara.

4: Give lips a warm, rosy glow with Lip Perfection Lipstick in Soulmate.

7 uses for used tea bags

7 Uses for Used Tea Bags …
Who says you have to use a tea bag once and then toss it in the trash? I’ve used mine for numerous things and have seen some pretty strange things done with them as well. Here is my list of 7 uses for used tea bags. Maybe you’ll find them helpful the next time you make a cup of hot tea and are wondering what to do with your tea bag, besides throw it away.

7. They are a great anti-aging remedy

Tea has tons of antioxidants that help fight free radicals. These antioxidants can be transferred from the tea to skin by placing a used tea bag on skin around the eyes, mouth, or other areas of the face that are showing signs of premature aging. It’s much more comfortable to relax with wet tea bags on your face if they are still a bit warm. Just make sure they aren’t doused in scorching water fresh from the kettle!

6. Nourish the rose bushes

I’ve always poured coffee grounds and placed banana peels and egg shells on the ground around my garden plants, but the tea from used tea bags can also be used in a similar fashion. Rose bushes benefit from a combination of tea leaves and ground up banana peels. You can empty some old tea bags into a pitcher, grind up some banana peels, and then add a bit of water to the mix. Pour this concoction onto the soil around your rose bushes and see how well they like it.

5. Refresh sleepy eyes

People are always using cucumbers to reduce puffiness around the eyes. A lukewarm tea bag will do the same thing, as well as lessen the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. I find it much easier to have a set of used tea bags on hand than I do cucumber slices. My family isn’t big on veggies, so I rarely have fresh vegetables in the fridge to eat, let alone to place on my face.

4. Plug drainage holes in planters

It’s hard to find rocks that are the perfect size for placing in the bottom of a plant I’m repotting. The pebbles either seem to be so small that they fall through the holes the first time I water the plant or too large to allow for enough dirt to be added to the planter. Used tea bags will plug the holes nicely, but still allow excess water to be drained. You won’t have to worry about water setting in the bottom of the planter and causing the roots to rot on your favorite plant.

3. Make scented sachets

The great thing about tea is that it is a plant. Used tea leaves will take on the scent of any oil placed on them. Open up your used tea bags and allow the tea leaves to dry. I place them on a cookie sheet and stir the leaves around every so often throughout the day. It doesn’t take long for them to dry out. Once the leaves have fully dried, sprinkle your favorite oil on them and place them in a small cotton bag. I like to use rose or clove oil and place the sachet in my pajama drawer.

2. Reduce razor burn

A wet tea bag will reduce the pain caused by a razor. I’ve been in a rush to shave my legs many times and always end up getting a bit of razor burn around my ankles or knees. This always happens when I’m in too much of a hurry and I don’t get a complete cover of foam on my skin. Razor burn is one of those things that seems to come and go too. It would be much easier if it would simply hurt like the dickens and then go away. Try laying a wet or even moist tea bag on the affected area. It really helps quite a bit!

1. Make a work of art

There’s a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky that I visited with a friend once. As I stood in line to wait for a seat, I glanced up at the ceiling and noticed a pair of waders hanging from the fan. These weren’t any ordinary pair of waders. Every inch of this pant/boot combo was covered in tea bags. They were the sort of tea bag that had the string and paper tag attached to them, which really added to the overall appearance of the waders. It made me want to come home and create something artistic with my old tea bags.
Maybe you can pass on some of these 7 uses for used tea bags. I have a container of used tea bags that I have allowed to dry out. I never know when they might come in handy. Do you have something specific that you use old tea bags for? Are there any of the above uses that you’d heard of before?


Its status as the battleground in "Africa's world war", and possibly the worst place on Earth to be a woman, makes it arguably the world's most counterintuitive holiday destination.

Yet tourism in the Democratic Republic of Congo's ravaged east is doubling by the year as intrepid travellers set out to witness its natural wonders.


Who will wear the most expensive underwear?????? 
It’s the sexiest night on television, and it’s almost here! Go inside the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show with this 60-second look at the all the press, pink carpet, musical guests, dancers, supermodels, wings & oh-so-much more. And don’t miss a minute of the show—Tuesday, November 29 at 10/9c, only on CBS!


For the last few weeks, Kris Humphries has been pretty quiet about his divorce with Kim Kardashian. But the NBA star has finally hired a lawyer to help him through the divorce proceedings.
Humphries has hired Minnesota-based lawyer Lee Hutton to represent him during the divorce. Hutton also represented Humphries when Kim and Kris filed their prenuptial agreement.
According to E! Online, Humphries decided to hire Hutton to make sure that the divorce proceedings go smoothly. A source close to Humphries stated:
“He doesn’t want a war. He’s lying low.”
Humphries said that he would do anything to make his marriage with Kim work. Humphries told TMZ:
“I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce … I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.”


Know About The Postures And Positions That Prevent Back Pains

The old east originated meditative art- yoga is making a good impact in the present scenario.

It is adored all around the world and is supposed to be very effective in keeping body flexible and kept in good shape Power yoga

It has a wonderful therapeutic impact as well. Yoga is comprised of many postures and sets of breathing exercises (Pranayamas).

These breathing exercises work on the muscles of the upper back to prevent it from pain or reduce the pain.

Yoga postures too have the potential to decrease tension and stress, which sponsors back pain. Yoga teachers have tailored a set of postures and pranayamas. which are especially recommended to avoid or reduce back pain. A check on these breathing exercises and yogic poses listed below will surely help you.

1. Pelvic Tilt Posture

This is recommended to offer a support to the lower back. It also supports abdominals, sacroiliac joints and adjacent structures of the body. It is supposed to be wonderful in cases of problems related to the lower back.

Sometimes, poor posture and muscle atrophy cause severe jerks in the lower part of back, which are very painful. The pelvic tilt posture offers a spinal stabilization in such case.

2. Triangle Pose

Triangle poses are effective on the hips, which have abrawny influence on the spine. The spine is directly associated with back pain.

Hence, a triangle pose is very effective in the reduction of back pain. Nevertheless, it is a bit bizarre type of pose but is very powerful in controlling back pain.

3. Side-Angle Postures

This posture is supposed to be great in alleviating back pains. Side-angle poses of yoga assist with postural conditions, which are very effective in back pain such as those that result from scoliosis and kyphosis. They are alsoeffective in stretching the core muscles of the body, which includes the oblique abdominals too.

4. Standing Forward Bend Positions

This yogic posture is supposed to be a challenge for the performer’s sense of alignment. ‘Uttanasana’is the most famous posture of forward bending. It works wonders with regard to problems of backaches.

It is considered to be a great posture to remove skeletal disk related ailments. However, you must be careful while performing yoga poses such as ‘Uttanasana.’ A wrong posture can increase the pain instead of diminishing it.

5. Mountain Pose or Tadasana

The elevating yoga position is supposed to be very useful in alleviating back pain. This posture needs the utmost level of your attention because it offers the best results; that is if you know what you are doing.

It develops an ideal spinal alignment and offers an instant relief for back pains. It is also a must for patients with back pain.

6. Corpse pose

To get this yogic posture, lie flat on your back in a relaxed manner and raise your arms at your sides. Have your arms alongside your trunk but slightly away and have your palms facing upwards.

Spread your legs in a natural way. While performing this, you should turn your knees out slightly but if it hurts, perform the yoga in the best possible way of comfort. Release the tension and take deep breaths.

You must be feeling relaxed when you do this because this yoga posture is supposed to be a great exercise in getting a relief from backaches and other ailments as well.

7. Cat Stretch

It involves your back, knees and hands. You start with the hands and knees with a flat back, which brings your shoulders and hands in an alignment. This yogic posture is known for its gradual impact to help relieve backaches.

8. Supported Bridge Pose for Back Pain

This yoga posture is very famous among people suffering from backaches. This is considered as a good exercise posture, as it makes a connection among different parts of body to provide support.This exercise is usually included in the must-to-do list of yoga postures.

9. Stretched Out Big Toe Pose

Also known as ‘Supta Padangusthana,’ this yogic asana needs a gentle stretch of hamstrings and calves. A stretching of these body parts brings an awesome improvement in the condition of the person, who is suffering from backaches [chiropractic therapy].

10. Supine Spinal Twist to get relief from back pain

This trunk rotation movement deals with the twisting of the spines. Nevertheless, it is not an easy deal for everyone but its results are truly worth the effort.

Note: People with degenerative disk ailments must be cautious while performing this yoga.

11. Cat-Cow Pose – Yoga for Back Pain – A Yogic Pose for Spinal Alignment

This pose offers a tremendous effect in dealing with backaches. It comprises functioning of Pilates, yoga and core strengthening asana. The cat-cow position is famed for its therapeutic results and it is widely performed nowadays.

12. Yoga for Back Pain – Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is also known as ‘Bhujangasana.’

The movement of this posture asks one to lie-down on the floor on his or her stomach.

This is then followed by making an arch with the help of the performer’s forelimbs (hands). This is a brilliant stretch exercise that has the capacity to provide a great relief to all who is suffering from backaches.

13. Pranayama (Breathing yogic exercises to get relief from back pain)

As you know, Yoga is a complete package of different physical postures and breathing exercises. Its poses are great in terms of providing a relief for backaches but breathing exercises are also important.

They work as a stimulant for main poses and help you in thwarting irritating backaches.

‘Anulom vilom’ and ‘Nadi sodhan’ are the two most famous breathing exercises.These exercises work wonders in avoidance of a multitude of fatal ailments.

Incorporating functions of inhale and exhale, they let the body grasp more oxygen which is very helpful in blood purification. These asanas also decrease anxiety levels and make the mind calm.

A regular practice of these two exercises releases all the tension, which reduces the possibilities of severe backaches.

Though, there are various methods suggested by yoga experts to hasten an easier healing of the body, coupling it with a healthy diet is equally important. A person must take care of his or her dieting habits to put a control on the occurrence of ailments [Natural healing].

A hygienic food intake and good sitting posture will never lead you the pathetic condition of backaches. Moreover, because it is evident that many people are suffering from problems of continuous aches in the back it is widely recommended to get a good deal of vitamin D and calcium supplementation.

Lastly, one should not perform breathing exercises and yoga postures in a wrong manner for they only breed in health hazards instead of benefits.

Fashion 2011: Crop Top

While we've been seeing crop tops and bared stomachs on the runway for a good couple of years now, the reality is that it's a trend with little hope of reaching a point of mass consumption any time soon. Why? Simply because we live in a body conscious age where it's only the minority of people daring enough to expose that much skin. That said, spring 2011 will push the trend forwards and further into the mainstream (if not the masses).
As a 2011 fashion trend the crop top is not just about exposing one's whole stomach, but about finding elegant new ways of showing a peep of toned midriff. Yes there's the crop top of the grunge-revival. Yes there's the crop top of the sportswear-as-daywear trend. But there's also the crop top as a sophisticated, refined piece that some will embrace as a look not to be feared. Read on for these examples and more.
crop top
Paul and Joe, SS11

Crop tops in 2011

The styles on the spring 2011 runways were many and various; from teeny, tiny tops to the smallest hints of skin. To break it down, here are some of the different ways we've seen cropped tops on the runway:
  • With elegance: the merest slit along the waistline of a dress, turning it into a two-piece ensemble broken up only by a shallow hint of skin. YSL and Chloe were spring 2011 masters of this subtle take.
elegant midriff
Elegantly bared midriff at Yves Saint Laurent, SS11
  • Fighting fit with stomach fully bared: Rag & Bone and Ohne Titel brought us sporty examples that are perfectly sexy for those with the confidence to pull them off. These type of cropped tops end just below the bust, and were paired with hipster pants for a revealing end result. You could just as easily substitute the hip-huggers for a high waisted bottom half, though, if you wanted to add some modesty.
sporty crop top
Sporty crop top at Rag & Bone, SS11
  • Beneath a sheer layer: adding a layer of transparent fabric is the perfect way to combine the ongoing popularity of the sheer trend with the newness of the exposed midriff.
sheer top with midriff
Sheer layered over a crop top Richard Chai, SS11
  • With cutaway detailing: expect many dresses to hit the shelves with cutaway details that expose parts of the stomach or midriff.
cutaway midriff
Cutaway midriff at 3.1 Phillip Lim, SS11

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