Now you’re ready for Step Four: actually handling the interview successfully and effectively.
Remember, the purpose of an interview is to get a job offer.
Eight “do’s” for the interview

According to leading U.S. companies, there are eight key areas in interviewing success. You can fail at an interview if you mishandle just one area.

1. Do wear appropriate clothes.
You can never go wrong by wearing a suit to an interview.

2. Do be well groomed.
Don’t overlook the obvious things like having clean hair, clothes, and fingernails for the interview.

3. Do give a firm handshake.
You’ll have to shake hands twice in most interviews: first, before you sit down, and second, when you leave the interview. Limp handshakes turn most people off.


1. Low level of accomplishment
2. Poor attitude, lack of self-confidence
3. Lack of goals/objectives
4. Lack of enthusiasm
5. Lack of interest in the company’s business
6. Inability to sell or express yourself
7. Unrealistic salary demands
8. Poor appearance
9. Lack of maturity, no leadership potential
10. Lack of extracurricular activities
11. Lack of preparation for the interview, no knowledge about company
12. Objecting to travel
13. Excessive interest in security and benefits
14. Inappropriate background


But a resume and cover letter by themselves can’t get you the job you want. You need to “prep” yourself before the interview. Step Three in your job campaign is “Preparing for Interviews.” First, let’s look at interviewing from the hiring organization’s point of view.

What are the biggest “turnoffs” for potential employers?
One of the ways to help yourself perform well at an interview is to look at the main reasons why organizations don’t hire the people they interview, according to those who do the interviewing.
Notice that “lack of appropriate background” (or lack of experience) is the last reason for not being offered the job.

Department of Labor studies have proven that smart, “prepared” job hunters can increase their beginning salary while getting a job in half the time it normally takes. 
(4˚ months is the average national length of a job search.) Here, from PREP, are some questions that can prepare you to find a job faster.



Once you get your resume, what do you do with it?
You will be using your resume to answer ads, as a tool to use in talking with friends and relatives about your job search, and, most importantly, in using the “direct approach” described in this book.

When you mail your resume, always send a “cover letter.”
A “cover letter,” sometimes called a “resume letter” or “letter of interest,” is a letter that accompanies and introduces your resume. Your cover letter is a way of personalizing the resume by sending it to the specific person you think you might want to work for at each company. Your cover letter should contain a few highlights from your resume— just enough to make someone want to meet you. Cover letters should always be typed or word processed on a computer—never handwritten.

1. Learn the art of answering ads.
There is an “art,” part of which can be learned, in using your “bestselling” resume to reply to advertisements.
Sometimes an exciting job lurks behind a boring ad that someone dictated in a hurry, so reply to any ad that interests you. Don’t worry that you aren’t “25 years old with an MBA” like the ad asks for. Employers will always make compromises in their requirements if they think you’re the “best fit” overall.

What about ads that ask for “salary requirements?”
What if the ad you’re answering asks for “salary requirements?” The first rule is to avoid committing yourself in writing at that point to a specific salary. You don’t want to “lock yourself in.”

There are two ways to handle the ad that asks for “salary requirements.”
First, you can ignore that part of the ad and accompany your resume with a cover letter that focuses on “selling” you, your abilities, and even some of your philosophy about work or your field. You may include a sentence in your cover letter like this: 
“I can provide excellent personal and professional references at your request, and I would be delighted to share the private details of my salary history with you in person.”
Second, if you feel you must give some kind of number, just state a range in your cover letter that includes your medical, dental, other benefits, and expected bonuses. You might state, for example, “My current compensation, including benefits and bonuses, is in the range of $30,000-$40,000.”

Analyze the ad and “tailor” yourself to it.
When you’re replying to ads, a finely tailored cover letter is an important tool in getting your resume noticed and read. On the next page is a cover letter which has been “tailored to fit” a specific ad. Notice the “art” used by PREP writers of analyzing the ad’s main requirements and then writing the letter so that the person’s background, work habits, and interests seem “tailor-made” to the company’s needs. Use this cover letter as a model when you prepare your own reply to ads.

To: Search Committee
In response to the urging of someone familiar with your search for a Customer Service Director for the Association of Health Underwriters, I am sending you a resume which summarizes my background. I offer a unique combination of knowledge, experience, and abilities which I believe would ideally suit the requirements of the Association of Health Underwriters.

Health industry expertise
You will see from my resume that I offer expertise related to health insurance and underwriting. In my current job I have sought out and negotiated contracts with major insurance companies to provide insurance for the organization. On a $1 million budget, I have developed insurance programs which generated $2 million in net income based on $32 million in premium. These highly regarded programs which I developed have brought 6,000 new members into the organization.

Proven executive ability
I offer proven executive ability. I have earned a reputation as someone who has not only strategic vision and imagination but also the tenacity and persistence to follow through on the “nitty-gritty” details of implementing new projects, programs, and concepts. I know how to delegate, and I know how to “micro manage,” and I am skilled at tailoring my management style to particular circumstances while always shouldering full responsibility and accountability for results. My current job has involved the responsibility of recruiting, training, and continuously developing a national sales force of brokers throughout the U.S. which broke with the tradition of passive mail solicitation and led to dramatic growth in sales and profitability. With a strong “bottom-line” orientation, I have streamlined headquarters staff and reduced central office expenses to save at least half a million dollars while continuously supervising the association’s five regional offices in the  recruitment and training of more than 1,200 insurance agents nationally.

Extensive association experience
You will also see from my resume that I am accustomed to “getting things done” within the unique environment of a trade/membership association. I am well known for my ability to attract and retain a cohesive and productive staff, and I am also respected for my exceptional skills in relating to, inspiring, and supporting key volunteer members. 
A skilled communicator, I have made countless appearances and speeches. 
I am aware of the requirements defined by the search committee, and I would enjoy the opportunity to discuss this position further with the Executive Committee. I feel certain I could contribute significantly to the growth and financial health of the Association of Health Underwriters as its Customer Service Director. Thank you for your time and consideration.

2. Talk to friends and relatives.
Don’t be shy about telling your friends and relatives the kind of job you’re looking for.
Looking for the job you want involves using your network of contacts, so tell people what you’re looking for. They may be able to make introductions and help set up interviews.
About 25% of all interviews are set up through “who you know,” so don’t ignore this approach.

3. Finally, and most importantly, use the “direct approach.”
More than 50% of all job interviews are set up by the “direct approach.” That means you actually mail, e-mail, or fax a resume and a cover letter to a company you think might be interesting to work for.

To whom do you write?
In general, you should write directly to the exact name of the person who would be hiring you: say, the vice-president of marketing or data processing. If you’re in doubt about to whom to address the letter, address it to the president by name and he or she will make sure it gets forwarded to the right person within the  company who has hiring authority in your area.

How do you find the names of potential employers?
You’re not alone if you feel that the biggest problem in your job search is finding the right names at the companies you want to contact. But you can usually figure out the names of companies you want to approach by deciding first if your job hunt is primarily geography-driven or industry-driven.

In a geography-driven job hunt, you could select a list of, say, 50 companies you want to contact by location from the lists that the U.S. Chambers of Commerce publish yearly of their “major area employers.” There are hundreds of local Chambers of Commerce across America, and most of them will have an 800 number which you can find through 1-800-555-1212. If you and your family think Atlanta, Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, and Virginia Beach might be nice places to live, for example, you could contact the Chamber of Commerce in those cities and ask how you can obtain a copy of their list of major employers. Your nearest library will have the book which lists the addresses of all chambers.
In an industry-driven job hunt, and if you are willing to relocate, you will be identifying the companies which you find most attractive in the industry in which you want to work. When you select a list of companies to contact by industry, you can find the right person to write and the address of firms by industrial category in Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s, and other excellent books in public libraries. Many Web sites also
provide contact information.
Many people feel it’s a good investment to actually call the company to either find out or double-check the name of the person to whom they want to send a resume and cover letter. It’s important to do as much as you feasibly can to assure that the letter gets to the right person in the company.
On-line research will be the best way for many people to locate organizations to which they wish to send their resume. It is outside the scope of this book to teach Internet research skills, but librarians are often useful in this area.

The “direct approach” is a strategy in which you choose your next employer.

What’s the correct way to follow up on a resume you send?
There is a polite way to be aggressively interested in a company during your job hunt. It  is ideal to end the cover letter accompanying your resume by saying, “I hope you’ll welcome my call next week when I try to arrange a brief meeting at your convenience to discuss your current and future needs and how I might serve them.” Keep it low key, and just ask for a “brief meeting,” not an interview. Employers want people who show a determined interest in working with them, so don’t be shy about following up on the
resume and cover letter you’ve mailed.



What if you don’t know what you want to do?
Your job hunt will be more comfortable if you can figure out what type of work you want to do. But you are not alone if you have no idea what you want to do next! You may have knowledge and skills in certain areas but want to get into another type of work. What The Wall Street Journal has discovered in its research on careers is that most of us end up having at least three distinctly different careers in our working lives; it seems that, even if we really like a particular kind of activity, twenty years of doing it is enough for most of us and we want to move on to something else!

That’s why we strongly believe that you need to spend some time figuring out what interests you rather than taking an inventory of the skills you have. You may have skills that you simply don’t want to use, but if you can build your career on the things that interest you, you will be more likely to be happy and satisfied in your job. Realize, too, that interests can change over time; the activities that interest you now may not be the ones that interested you years ago. For example, some professionals may decide that they’ve had enough of retail sales and want a job selling another product or service, even though they have earned a reputation for being an excellent retail manager.


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I came cross to this article before I go to sleep. This really made me smile and really believe that there's no such thing as a big deal. Enjoy reading!

I thought graduating from college was a big deal, but I suppose I thought that because I was trained and tricked and sculpted into believing it. I wanted to believe it. And then I graduated, walked across a stage and heard the applause and held a tiny, blank scroll in my hand that was all for show and just like that, it was over. Real life resumed, or began, and graduation day was relegated to just another moment, like brushing my teeth or doing the laundry. Graduating was not a big deal. Debt, though — that’s a big deal.


Much of the world's transactions, whether it is business or personal, are now done online. From social interaction to keeping track of finances, the Internet is now a very large part of the average citizen's life. The Internet is not without its own set of risks, however. Should you encounter a virus, your private information could become compromised, data destroyed and hardware completely fried. Not all viruses are created equal, however. Some viruses have produced billions of dollars in damages. Here is a look at 10 of the most expensive computer viruses of all time, and how to avoid a similar devastation in the future.

The most devastating computer virus to date is MyDoom, which caused over $38 billion in damages. In addition to being the most expensive virus to date, its effects were far-reaching and fast-moving. When a user was infected with the virus it creates network openings which allowed others to have access to your computer. In addition, the virus also had the ability to open random programs. In 2004, an estimated 25% of all emails had been infected by the virus.


He might be Green Lantern, but one of America's most enduring comic book characters is turning rainbow colored as the latest superhero to come out as gay, DC Comics announced Friday.Starting next week Alan Scott reappears as Green Lantern, "a team leader with a Type-A personality and an appetite for justice," the publisher said in a statement. "Alan also happens to be homosexual."

"Originally a Golden Age character whose previous continuity spanned from the 1940s through modern times, Alan... is getting an update for contemporary times to reflect the world we live in."


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The international artiste’s upcoming Jakarta concert on June 3 was cancelled by the National Police Tuesday, following strong protests from Indonesia’s hard-line Islamist groups. However, the concert’s promoters are still determined that the  show will go on.

Lady Gaga, known for her outrageous costumes, was lambasted by hardcore Islamist groups, as “dangerous influence” to Jakarta’s youth, and  that she “teaches fans to worship the devil”.

“We will stop her from setting foot on our land. She had better not dare spread her satanic faith in this country,” Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Jakarta chairman Salim Alatas was quoted as saying by newswire agency Agence France Presse.

He added that FPI members would mobilize 30,000 supporters to forcibly prevent Lady Gaga from stepping off her plane.

However, the Indonesian Council of Churches has thrown its support behind Lady Gaga’s concert in Jakarta, saying that the diva should be allowed to perform because of freedom of expression.

“Don’t teach our young generation with pseudo-formality by wearing good outfits but being bad on the inside,” Gomar Gultom, secretary-general of the Indonesian Council of Churches, was quoted as saying in response to the complaints against Lady Gaga.


She can't make you love her if you don't. Here in the dark and twisted minefield of the American Idol results show, in these final hours before the three chosen ones would embark on their Hometown Hero Visits, Little Hollie Cavanagh laid down her heart.

I think we all saw an elimination coming for sweet Hollie, she of the sparkly and pehhhhr-fect #holliepops species. What I didn't expect was to cry so hard during her farewell song. Everything about it was truly perfect, starting from the way she had to jump in late, because she couldn't hear the backing track over the cheers. Cool as an electric blue cucumber, our Alice in Wonderland wandered first over to season 11's Top 3: Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez, and Phillip Phillips for a quick hug, then eventually approached the judges for some light hand squeezes and a "Hi baby" from Steven Tyler.

J. Lo's mouth twitched from a saccharine smile to a "yeah, girl" scrunch as Hollie sang "I Got to Be Strong." Jessica Sanchez leaked out her second visible tear of the week on "just keep on pushing on." Joshua was a wet mess the whole time, of course. And even Phillip had watery eyes as he began to sing "It's…" with Hollie on her last line -- before immediately wising up that he was about to sing the title of a Miley Cyrus song on camera. Good save, P.P.! By the time Hollie went for the big finish, her tiny arm outstretched until she let it fall limp -- what's the use? -- Joshua had drowned in his own tears and the judges were on their feet.


Australian and Thor actor Chris Hemsworth tells us how it was like to be on set with a league of established movie stars in The Avengers

With an A-list cast - Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Hemworth and Mark Ruffalo - playing a league of super heroes in the upcoming Marvel Studios film, The Avengers, it's no wonder the number one question on everyone's minds at the movie's press conference was: Were there any clashes of superstar egos during the 92-day long filming experience?


One day after taking the witness stand herself, Jennifer Hudson endured painful testimony today from a police officer who found her dead family members as the trial continued of the man accused of killing her mother, brother and nephew.

The Oscar winner sat next to her fiancé, David Otunga, in the Chicago courtroom as prosecutors shifted their focus to presenting crime scene evidence in the case against her former brother-in-law, William Balfour.
Hudson hung her head and closed her eyes as police Sgt. David Dowling described finding her mother's body sprawled in the living room with gunshot wounds in her back. The officer also described finding Hudson's brother dead in his bed of a gunshot wound to the head, with the sheets pulled up as if he had been sleeping.


Director Christopher Nolan is very excited about moviegoers' interest in IMAX technology, and such moviegoers should be excited about his excitement, because when The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20, it'll contain over an hour of IMAX footage — the most ever for a mainstream production.


If there wasn't enough of a reason for people to start talking "The Avengers" vs. "The Dark Knight Rises" before, today's news all but guaranteed the comparison. An exhibitor relations website confirmed that the second and final full trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" will play before Marvel's universal class reunion starting May 4.

Will the "Dark Knight Rises" trailer outshine "The Avengers"? Which film will gross more at the box office? Can either touch the records set by "The Dark Knight"? These are questions that were always going to be asked because of how closely the two films will be released.

In fact, the conversation officially began last week when Fandango published the results of their latest poll, where readers voted for which summer movie interested them the most. Both male and female voters chose "The Avengers" over "The Dark Knight Rises" by large margins. Then, early track for "The Avengers" put its opening weekend box-office figures north of the holy $150 million mark, potentially placing it in the realm of "The Hunger Games," "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2" and, perhaps most importantly, 2008's "The Dark Knight."

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