Lady Gaga at the Ed Sullivan Theatre for The Late Show with David Letterman
Lady Gaga was left $3 million (£1.9 million) in debt when her Monster Ball tour forced her into bankruptcy.
The pop superstar launched her second series of live concerts in 2009 and has spent two years touring the show.
She previously admitted her lavish stage sets and production costs left her bankrupt and she has now revealed she was struggling with a massive multi-million dollar debt.
In an interview with Stephen Fry for Britain's Financial Times, Gaga says, "I put everything in the show, and I actually went bankrupt after the first extension of The Monster Ball. And it was funny because I didn't know! And I remember I called everybody and said, 'Why is everyone saying I have no money? This is ridiculous, I have five number one singles' - and they said, 'Well, you're $3 million in debt.'"


Demi Lovato Admits to Having Bipolar Disorder
Demi Lovato is three months removed from treatment for her eating disorder and the embattled star is coming out stating she has bipolar disorder as well.
It wasn't until Lovato went into treatment that she had found out the new details regarding her illness. "I never found out until I went into treatment that I was bipolar," the singer explained to People in an interview. "Looking back, it makes sense."
What made sense to the Disney star was what she found out during her three-month stay at a treatment center. While being treated for bulimia, anorexia and self-mutilation, Lovato realized her issues went deeper than the surface with her uncontrollable actions and emotions. "There were times when I was so manic, I was writing seven songs in one night and I'd be up until 5:30 in the morning."

Lovato has since come to grips with her ailment and is living a healthier life since leaving treatment. "I feel like I am in control now where my whole life I wasn't in control."


ET was there during the 'X Men: First Class' premiere in NYC tonight, where the entire cast, including January JonesRose Byrne and Kevin Bacon all arrived in vintage cars, perhaps an ode to the '60s era in which the film was based around.
On the carpet, cast members shed light on their intense shooting schedule, bonding time and even what mutant powers they would want in real life.
"I think I would like to be invisible honestly," Kevin said. "I think that would be so cool." His co-stars however weren't so grounded in their response. "I honestly think I would keep my mutant power that I have in the film, which is flight," Zoe Kravitz said. "It's the most fantastical thing a human can imagine."
As the cast went on about how things were on set, James McAvoy (as well as most of the stars) pulled the lid off of a crazy golf cart ride that went awry.
"I nearly killed Michael Fassbender one day in a golf cart," James revealed. "The rest of that story shall remain with me."
Hear the rest of the story on what happened from Michael himself and more! 'X-Men: First Class' hits theatres June 3.


'The Hangover Part II' Breaks Box Office Records with $138.1 Million Opening Weekend
The R-rated comedy 'The Hangover Part II' has shattered box office records for comedies this weekend having grossed $118.1 million in its first four days. According to The Hollywood Reporter, It is expected to pull in another $20 million on Monday to end up with $138.1 million.
'The Hangover Part II' pulled in $59 million from 40 countries overseas, which is three times higher than the box office for the first film in the series.
In second place was DreamWorks Animation and Paramount's 'Kung Fu Panda 2' which is expected to end the holiday weekend with $68.2 million.


First Official Royal Wedding Photos Revealed!
ET has obtained the first three official photos from the royal wedding of the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton.
The pictures were taken by photographer Hugo Burnand in The Throne Room of Buckingham Palace immediately after the couple's arrival at the Palace from Westminster Abbey.
Photograph one shows the couple in The Throne Room at Buckingham Palace.
Photograph two features the couple in The Throne Room with (left-to-right) Back row:Master Tom PettiferThe Duchess of CornwallThe Prince of WalesPrince Harry, Prince WilliamKate MiddletonMr. Michael MiddletonMrs. Carole MiddletonMr. James Middleton and Miss Philippa Middleton. Front row: Miss Grace van CutsemMiss Eliza LopesThe Duke of EdinburghThe QueenThe Hon. Margarita Armstrong-JonesThe Lady Louise Mountbatten-WindsorMaster William Lowther-Pinkerton.
Photograph three shows the couple in The Throne Room with (left-to-right) Back row: The Lady Louise Mountbatten-WindsorPrince WilliamKate MiddletonMaster Tom Pettifer,Master William Lowther-Pinkerton. Front row: Miss Grace van CutsemMiss Eliza Lopes, The Hon. Margarita Armstrong-Jones.
First Official Royal Wedding Photos Revealed!
Tens of thousands of photos have circulated following Friday's nuptials at Westminster Abbey, but this is the first official photo to be released.
On Thursday, we revealed the royals' official photo for their wedding program seenhere.
First Official Royal Wedding Photos Revealed!
For all of your royal wedding news, check out's royal minisite.


 The Men's Guide to Buying Lingerie
Granted, we're blokes too, and we can't boast that we wear lingerie on a daily basis, but we've still got some ideas passed on from the world's finest ladies to share with you. So here are the basics of buying lingerie according to FHM:
Know her sizes 
If there’s one thing that makes underwear buying a minefield, it’s sizes. Too big and she’ll think you’re saying she’s fat, too small and she’ll think you’re suggesting she lose weight. In short, rifle through her underwear drawer and check her size. 
Choose the right colour 
The only thing to really remember here is do not buy bright red (prostitute) or cream (wedding lingerie). Base the rest on the colours your girlfriend usually wears. If, for instance, she’s a fan of a particular shade of pink, try that. Unsure? Go for black, it looks good on everyone. 
Buy smart 
This isn’t necessarily an exercise in what suits your girlfriend’s body shape, but what she feels comfortable in. Look at the underwear she regularly wears. If it’s thongs, buy a sexy version of that. If she wears proper knickers, opt for that shape. Check whether her bras have padding – if most do, make sure the one you buy does as well. 
Don’t play it safe 
Lingerie is supposed to be sexy so don’t under any circumstances buy something she can wear every day. If it looks like her normal underwear, you haven’t got the right stuff. But don’t go too far the other way. Buying a corset with a horse tail at the back might be a bit much first time round. 
Be brave
It can be embarrassing buying lingerie but the shop assistants are there to help and they know what they’re talking about. Ask their advice, take your time and don’t panic buy. That way, you won’t have to take it back with your disappointed missus in tow.

Former Blue Peter present and Miss Northern Ireland 1999 finest Zoe Salmon knows a thing or two about lingerie:
1. She looks mighty fine in it.
2. She knows what she (and your gift recipient) likes, and she's going to tell you all about it right here on - with accompanying pics of Page 3 model Danni Wells posing in it...
"I've never actually been given a gift of lingerie. I have been gifted with PJs, but it was the most hideous present I've ever received.
It was from my boyfriend - now ex, obviously! Despite the fact I wear a nightie to bed, he got me two pairs of pyjamas. One would have been bad enough, but two?! They said ridiculous things like 'Grumpy But Gorgeous' and 'Sweet dreams' with pictures of sweets all over. It was like something you would give to a nine-year-old.
So my point is - don't think outside the box. I wore nighties because I don't like PJs. The same rule applies to lingerie. If she wears thongs don't buy her French knickers. If she likes a padded bra don't buy her a flimsy non-underwired one. You might like it, but that's not the point. You don't have to wear it. She won't feel sexy in something she's not used to.
Look at what she wears and buy her something similar. For instance: if she normally wears white or nude underwear, buy her the same style and shape, but perhaps in black lace or red satin. Go to a department store where there is an entire floor dedicated to lingerie and choose a classy brand.
Women's bodies are all different and we all have our lingerie likes and dislikes. I mainly wear black or nude, I am not a fan of multi-colours. I think it can look cheap. I prefer thongs to any other type of underwear and my favourite material is lace. I love Victoria's Secret.
And the final piece of advice - include the gift receipt. You have been warned!"
We've transformed you from lingerie luddite to skimpies specialist, but we're not done yet. Because, sometimes in life, you need to go the extra mile. If you're fortunate enough to be buying lingerie for an open-minded lady - more Sasha Grey, less Princess Anne - you might want to explore the glorious world of Kinkyville.
Rubber... latex... PVC... whips... paddles... crotchless... blindfolds... tassles... No, not George Michael's weekly Tesco delivery, but a small selection of the cornucopia of more risqué options available to you.
If this area interests you, then getting it right will lead to a heavenly gala of filthy stupefaction. Get it wrong, however, and you'll quickly find yourself sad and alone, sobbing gently into your pillow with only a zebra cock pouch for company.
The key to success in this area is openness. You'll never really know what your partner is into until you talk to her about it. You don't want her to come home to find you tied to the bed in a leather gimpsuit with the components of a one-four-seven break filling your orafices if that's not her bag. But, a little discussion can lead to some sexual highs you never thought possible.
Over dinner with her parents... at a funeral... in front of her boss... during Desperate Housewives... all times when your lady is unlikely to be overly receptive to a conversation about whether she'll dress up like Ann Widdecombe and punish you like the naughtly tyke that you are.
Instead, try steering things in that direction when you're both at your horniest - during sex. The steamy, sordid kind, not the lovely dovey James Blunt on the radio kind. Slip in a bit of dirty talk. Tell her you love it when she's naughty. Ask her what really turns her on. If she has any dirty fantasies she's never told anyone. Carefully gauge her response - if she's getting into it you can push the envelope, if she's not, you should retreat quicker than a French agrophobic in Selfridge's on Christmas Eve.
Just be prepared for the moment she sticks a finger up your bum and screams, "Take me, Abu Hamza!"
It's fine to be a bit nervous broaching this territory. In truth, she'll probably find this endearing. If you're all, "Yeah, this one time I went away for the weekend with nine pornstars, two midgets, a gaggle of geese and a giant wheel of cheese - what a party THAT was..." she'll feel out of her depth and retreat into her shell (mixed metaphor, anyone?)
Make sure she knows that she really turns you on. You don't want her to construe this as, "Our sex life needs spicing up or I'm leaving". Just have a gentle chat about what turns you both on. Needless to say, a little booze can help.
Now you've mastered lingerie, the last thing you'll want is any interruptions.
Sure it looks pretty, lacey and frilly, but what the hell is it? It's full of weird French words and stuff you'd probably never understand unless we told you. But that's what we're here for, so here's the genius of the FHM lingerie glossary. 

Corset -  A supportive structure worn around the waist, a corset is designed to make a woman’s midriff appear smaller. Ribbons on the corset are pulled tight and then tied to hold everything in place. 

Waspie - A derivative of the corset, the waspie is a belt worn around the waist to make it appear much smaller. 

Bustier  - Shorter in the body than a corset – it reaches only to the ribs – a bustier works like a Wonder Bra by squeezing your lady’s midriff and forcing her cleavage up. Oof! 

Basque - Named after the traditional dress of the Basque people of Spain and France, who wore close-fitting jackets which came in tightly at the waist, the Basque covers the midriff and provides support for cleavage. 

Peephole bra - A bra that allows you to see the wearer’s nipples, either by way of slits or gaps in the fabric. 

Hold-ups - Like tights but without the ugly asexual crotch bit, hold-ups have an elasticated panel at the top which, unlike stockings, keeps them in place without the need for suspenders. 

G-string - Knickers, defined by the strip of material that sits in between the buttocks when worn. This prevents a visible knicker line. 

Chemise - A loose-fitting, short dress, also known as a baby doll that is fitted around the breasts. Like a nightie, but better. 

Camisole - A tight fitting, sleeveless top, similar to a crop top.


Newlyweds Prince William and Wife Catherine Come Home from Honeymoon
Prince William and wife Catherine recently returned from their 10-day honeymoon, officials stated Saturday.
The couple left the island nation of Seychelles Friday and was "clearly content with their stay," according to Alain St. Ange, head of the Seychelles tourism board.
The palace confirmed William and Catherine's arrival to Britain, stating, "The couple thoroughly enjoyed their time together, and they are grateful to the Seychelles government for their assistance in making the honeymoon such a memorable and special 10 days."


Michael Buble Extends the Wedding Party
Michael Bublé clearly enjoys a good wedding celebration. The Canadian singer celebrated his nuptials with actress/wife Luisana Lopilato for a second time on Friday, this time on his home turf at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver.
The lovebirds first wed on March 31 in Luisana's native Argentina, and Michael told ET Canada of the second event, "It's just another excuse to celebrate our love, have a few drinks and to dance all night."
The photo of bride is with her parents Eduardo and Betty, while the photo with bride and groom are with Michael's parents Lewis and Amber.


In the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter, on stands now, the decision makers behind "American Idol" reveal the never-before-seen struggle to keep the show afloat afterSimon Cowell quit.
Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, who were brought to the judging panel to revamp the identity of TV's most viewed program, grace the THR cover this week accompanied by "AI" veterans Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson. These four represent the new face of the singing competition but there is an entire team of producers working behind the scenes without whom Steven and J.Lo would have never been offered the gig.
"My feeling was that you have to go in a new direction," said executive producer Nigel Lythgoe. "Whoever replaced Cowell would've been a pale imitation, so I certainly didn't want to go that way."

Nigel revealed that the decision was made by a committee that comprised himself, Mike DarnellCecile Frot-CoutazSimon Fuller and Ken Warwick.
Mike Darnell disclosed that J.Lo was one of Simon Cowell's choices to fill the void and that she was considered long before Steven Tyler, who seemed to be a bit of a wild card.
"I remember Cecile telling me she was going to go meet Steven Tyler and she wasn't quite sure what to expect," said Ryan Seacrest. "He blew her away. She said, 'You would think he's this tough, badass rock star, which he is, but he's probably got the biggest heart on the panel.'"
Randy Jackson compared the chemistry of the new cast to "a house on fire," saying, "Ryan and I looked at each other and knew it was definitely going to work."
Watch "American Idol" Thursday on FOX and be sure to tune in for the season finale next Tuesday and Wednesday as a new "Idol" gets crowned. 


The countdown to the "American Idol" finale is on. Only two are left standing in the spotlight, Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery.
On Thursday night, Haley Reinhart had her final curtain call. "This is the biggest platform anybody could ask for and I rocked it out," she said while bowing out graciously. "This is only the beginning."
Haley blasted out of the "Idol" orbit with the Rocket Man's "Bennie and the Jets," which she sang earlier in the season on an Elton John themed episode. At the end of the song, Haley hugged her proud father tight. On Wednesday night, the father-daughter duo showed that music runs in their blood. Her dad offered instrumental backup to one of her three songs.

Lauren and Scotty go head to head for the lucrative title next week on "American Idol" on Fox.


The Star-Studded Guest List As Oprah's Final Season Winds Down!Oprah Winfrey has selected a dream team of celebrities to fly to Chicago for her farewell season and we have the guest list for the two episodes leading up to the season finale.
The legendary talk-show host launched her final three episodes with two of the biggest movie stars of all time - Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise - and judging by the rest of the guest roster, things could only get better from there.
There will be a little something for everyone as "The Oprah Winfrey Show" wraps up its 25th season. From singers like Madonna to comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, viewers are bound to be wowed by the famous faces that come to celebrate the career of the media magnate.

The full list is as follows: Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Madonna, BeyonceDakota FanningDiane SawyerQueen LatifahHalle BerryRascal FlattsStevie WonderWill SmithJada Pinkett-SmithJamie Foxx, Jerry Seinfeld, Simon CowellRosie O'DonnellDr. PhilDr. Oz,Gayle KingMaria ShriverAlicia KeysAretha Franklin,Usher and Josh Groban.
Tune in to "Oprah" Monday and Tuesday to see your favorite stars.


pippa middleton

How Pippa Stole the Spotlight

Even before the 4am broadcast began, there were a few facts already on lock about the royal wedding: Kate's dress would be dazzling, the guest list would be star-studded, and the balcony kiss would be endlessly blogged about. The surprise factor? Kate's smokin' sis, Pippa. Here's how she got all eyes on her — without taking away from her big sister's big day.

1. She Made Sure to Stand Out. You know the saying, dress for the job you want, not for the job you have? While no one's inferring that Pippa would rather have been the girl walking down the aisle, her curve-hugging white dress immediately made people realize that she was one of the key players of the wedding party.
How to Steal It: While wearing white at weddings if you're not the bride is risky, showing up for work or a social event in something even different or daring will score you second (and third!) glances.
2. ...Yet She Let Kate Shine. From holding everything from Kate's train to the hands of the tiny bridesmaids, it was clear her maid-of-honor duties were her primary focus—not upstaging the bride or posing for paparazzi.
How to Steal It: Sometimes, you're going to be the co-star for someone else's big day, but laying low and showing quiet enthusiasm can earn you extra points. For example, if a coworker's overwhelmed with a big project, offering to pitch in behind the scenes will impress your boss big.
3. She Cranked Up the Charm. Her easy back-and-forth banter with Prince Harry seemed so natural and gracious, it fueled gossip that these two siblings-in-law might one day become an item. It probably won't happen—Pippa is happily involved with banker boyfriend Alex Loudon, and Harry's had an on-off romance with heiress Chelsy Davy for years. But her flirty attitude lent the ceremony extra excitement.
How to Steal It: Make the best of any situation, even if it's less than ideal (like having to attend a family reunion or on a date with a dude you have zero sparks with.) By asking questions, laughing at dumb jokes, and genuinely listening, you'll have more fun and give off an enchanting glow.


Princess Beatrice to Auction Off Wedding Hat on eBay | Royal Wedding, Princess Beatrice
Princess Beatrice
Mark Cuthbert/Abaca

Loved the fascinator that Princess Beatrice wore to the Royal Wedding? Now it can be yours – for the right price. 

"She's putting it up on eBay to auction it for UNICEF and for Children in Crisis," Beatrice's mother, Duchess Sarah Ferguson, announced Wednesday during an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show

For the April 29 wedding of her cousin Prince William to Duchess Catherine,Beatrice, 22, chose to top off her outfit with a blush-colored topper made by renowned London milliner Philip Treacy.The hat was so unusual that it instantly grabbed headlines, became an Internet sensation and became the focus on several Facebook fan pages. 

Treacy's creations can cost around $3,300. You can bid on the hat here


Is This William & Kate's Island Paradise? | Kate Middleton, Prince WilliamIt certainly looks like a honeymoon suite fit for a prince and princess. 

Without revealing its location in the Seychelles, Britain's Sun newspaper has published photos of what it says is the villa rented by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their post-wedding getaway. 

And what a villa it is – a four-poster bed in the open air, with the Indian Ocean practically lapping against it, baths carved from marble, plush outdoor sofas and giant palm trees soaring over the private waterfront spread. 

Oh, it will set you back $6,500 a night. 

The buzz about the couple's whereabouts hit fever pitch after island broker Farhad Vladi told the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper: "Yes, we rented the island to the British royal family. Prince William and his Kate are spending their honeymoon there. But you will understand that we are not saying anything further." 

Ten days after their Royal Wedding, William, 28, and Catherine, 29, were helicoptered to a private, unspecified island in the Seychelles – a collection of 115 islands off the east coast of Africa – for what's expected to be a 10-day stay. 


How Does Duchess Catherine's Train Compare to Princess Diana's? | Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton, Princess Diana

Since the day Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his late mother's sapphire engagement ring, comparisons to his parents' massive 1981 wedding were bound to be inevitable. 

In some ways, the newlywed couple emulated Prince Charles and Princess Diana; for instance, byriding in the same carriage after exchanging vows and kissing on the same balcony. But in many ways, they made the ceremony their own. From asking for charitable donations instead of gifts to driving themselves in the 'getaway car,' the wedding was unmistakably William and Catherine. 

One highly visible way the new princess distinguished herself? With a much smaller train on her Alexander McQueen gown. 

Diana's Elizabeth Emanuel confection boasted a 25-foot train that famously took up most of the space in her carriage – and required two bridesmaids to maneuver. Kate's, on the other hand, was about one-third of the length at nearly nine feet, and moved easily with her as she proceeded down Westminster Abbey's long center aisle. Though the two dresses varied greatly, there's no doubt that they both were fit for a princess. 

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