Spring days are rainy and humid. For women on the go, rainy days can be unfriendly. Moisture in the air makes hair frizzy and can melt makeup. If the weather report says rain but you have to deliver an important report,
  you cannot stay home and hide. You must show up and look like a million bucks. You need rainy day beauty tips that are practical and will help you look great. 

Listen to Your Hair
If you know it is going to rain that morning, wash your hair the night before. It is during the drying process that hair kinks up. Pay attention to your hair. That is the most important of the rainy day beauty tips. Do not fight the frizz on damp days, embrace it! Wash your hair and follow it with frizz control conditioner. After a good towel dry, comb through the hair with a wide mouth comb or pick. Towel dry the hair again. Squirt a quarter size of frizz control styling mousse into the palm of your hand. Rub it into your hair starting with the roots and work in all over. Pick out your hair again, do not brush! Keep the hair wavy and pretty. Arrange your hair and finish it with a frizz control hair spray. 

Get a Dewy Look
Take advantage of the rainy day moisture by giving your face a dewy look. Use a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation powder which can wash away. The second of the rainy day beauty tips is keep your face dewy. Use waterproof cream eye shadows, waterproof mascara and eyeliners. Do not use powder blush but instead choose cr√®me blush. A pretty pink lipstick works great doubling as an impromptu blush. Touch off lips with pink lip gloss and you have a wonderful rainy day look. 

Moisturize Your Body
Protect your skin from rain and humidity. Use a moisturizer on your body before you get dressed. If you plan on showing off your legs, use a body bronzer that contains a good moisturizer. Use hand lotion and feet lotion to shield your body from rain.

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