Here are some great tips for your nails:
Beauty Tip: Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Britney Spears are fans of Hard Candy

Nail Enamel. This nail enamel is famous for its fun colors that mix in fun effects like glitter, iridescence and pearlized finishes. Here you can find baby pinks and robins' egg blues. Each bottle's cap is bejeweld with a real Swarovski Crystal! Even though Hard Candy is loved by celebrities, the products are sold at rock bottom prices! Visit

Beauty Tip: Contrary to the television commercials of just a few years ago, soaking your nails in dishwashing liquid will only ruin them. So do not soak in it!
Beauty Tip: As stated above, dish-washing liquid is damaging to nails, so be sure to wear rubber
gloveswhen doing dishes. You can also wear these for any other type of activity that can potentially damage your nails, like cleaning out the garage.
Beauty Tip: The smartest length for nails is to not grow them past ¼ inch. Any longer of a length will break easier.
french manicureBeauty Tip: You may not know this beauty tip. Do not wear dark nail colorsoften. To do so will cause the tips to yellow. Always apply a base coast under dark colors.

Beauty Tip: If your nail tips are yellow, use a white pencil to color the underside of the tips, or get a French manicure. Do not dip the tips in bleach. While the tips will get whiter, they will also break off within a couple of days.
Beauty Tip: Be sure that you and your manicurist keep all nail tools sanitary. This is an important beauty tip to remember.
Beauty Tip: The bottom line is that adding anything artificial to your nails, besides polish (after a base coat, of course), will weaken them over the long run. It is best to let your natural nails grow and always wear a base coat and maybe some polish for protection.
Beauty Tip: If you want the latest technology in your nail-strengthening polish, try No More Breaks by Sally Hansen. This product contain unique combinations of ingredients in strong concentrations. It not only strengthens the nails but actually moisturizes them as well and can make the nails look better.
Beauty Tip: Many do not realize that nails need a balance. If you keep hardening and hardening them with coats and coats of product, they can snap easily. If you moisturize them regularly, they will be hard to prevent chips, yet flexible to prevent snaps. Try a heavy duty moisturizing cream like Eucerin.
Beauty Tip: To prevent chips, swoosh a little polish under your nail tips to “wrap” the paint job around the entire nail. This creates padding at the nail tip to protect against chips, and prevents the white of nails showing at the tip prematurely.
Beauty Tip: “Fine” emery boards don’t tear nails no matter how delicate. They are available at Sally Beauty Supply stores.
Beauty Tip: You should let nails rest for 2 to 3 days between manicures to let your nails recover.
Beauty Tip: If you have cuticles that wont’ budge, loosen them up with Creative Nail Design's AHA Cuticle Eraser (available at It takes on the toughest!
Beauty Tip: Here's another great nail beauty tip. If your nail tips have turned yellow, you can apply white vinegar to them.

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