Eye liner

Eyeliner can give a very mysterious, sophisticated look when applied properly. When it is not done properly, the outcome is usually an ugly mess. Read below to find out how to choose eyeliner and what the proper application techniques are.

Choosing an Eyeliner
The most important thing when choosing an eye liner is to choose eyeliner that is appropriate for your skin tone, age, eye color and style.  If girls have very fair skin, they should stay away from very dark eyeliners. Try more subtle browns or gray. It will make them look messy and if they are trying too hard. If you have medium to dark skin, try a dark brown or medium black. If you are really daring, try dark black but never apply to much! If you have light eyes, such as light blue or green, brown, navy and charcoal color eyeliner will accentuate your eyes the best. If you have dark brown or black eyes, brown and plum shades work the best.

Teens and Eyeliner
Teen girls should not start wearing eyeliner until they are about 15. If you must apply eyeliner before then, stick to very light shades and don’t apply too much. For girls over the age of 15, try with light shades as well. If you feel that light colors don’t suit or skin tone or eye color, try a darker color but don’t apply too heavy of lines. Also, try to wear minimal eyeliner to places like school and church. Apply more eyeliner for more formal occasions, such as parties or dances.

Applying Eyeliner
The most critical thing in making sure that eyeliner looks natural and beautiful is to know the proper application techniques. Eyeliner should either be applied with the proper brush or a pencil. First, tilt your head back and close your eyes slightly, this will give you the proper angle. Second, draw a line across the upper lid, from the inside to outer most corner of the eye. Don’t make the line too heavy and make sure that the line that you are drawing is straight and is just above the eyelashes. Third, I suggest not lining the bottom lashes because it is very easy to smudge and does not look natural. Also, if you are using liquid mascara, allow it time to dry before you apply mascara or eye shadow.

Eyeliner Tips
  • When applying eyeliner, open your mouth slightly. This will help relax the eye to make sure that you get the straightest and most even line possible.
  • Try not to apply eyeliner to the lower lashes.
  • Never wear black eyeliner for everyday use. Only apply it for parties or other special occasions.

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