Bronzer is used just like a blush, but is meant to give you a more sun-kissed, back-from the beach glow.  The primary goal of bronzer is to give you a very fresh, young look.

Picking a Bronzer
There are just a few simple things to remember when picking a bronzer. The first thing to remember is to pick a bronzer that is right for your skin tone. Since bronzers generally have a very brown undertone, it is critical that you do not pick a bronzer that is too dark or it will just make you look dirty. Pick a bronzer that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone, this will make you look tan, but not overly tan. Second, choose a bronzer type that is right for you. Bronzers come in liquid, powders, sticks and beads. It is important to experiment with the different types and to choose one that will make you look your best.

Applying Bronzer
Just a little bit of bronzer can go a long way. Be sure not to apply too much, or it will just make you look dirty or like you went and baked in the tanning bed. It is best to apply your bronzer with a wide, fluffy brush. This will ensure an even distribution of bronzer. Apply bronzer to the following places: cheeks, forehead and chin. Make sure that you blend well. Begin with a very light application of bronzer and go from there. Starting with a light application will help you decide what looks best on your skin tone and you can apply more if desired. If you are substituting bronzer for blush, try to keep the rest of your makeup simple. Try complimenting your bronzed cheeks with sheer lips and warm eyes. Try to stay away from brown eye shadow or lipstick; it will make you looked too bronzed.
Bronzer Tips
  • Always make sure that the bronzer is evenly disbursed, anything else will make you look dirty or bruised.
  • Apply bronzer with a big blush brush. Too little of a brush can cause uneven disbursement of bronzer on face.
  • Experiment with bronzer! Since bronzer is so new, the rules are not set in stone. So experiment and decided what works best for you!
  • The main purpose of bronzer is to give you a fresh young look, so do not go overboard!

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