'Glee' Gym Teacher Dot-Marie Jones' Painful Past


She tells our Mark Steines that she once worked in a juvenile probation lockdown facility and dealt with unspeakable situations in the course of her job.On FOX's hit TV show "Glee," Dot-Marie Jones plays a gym teacher, and off-camera she's had her share of experience working with children as well.

"I worked four-and-a-half years juvenile probation -- lockdown," Dot-Marie shares.
"We had an eight-year-old that killed someone. He said he found a gun in a field, and he and his friend were playing with it, and he put it up to his friend's head and killed him," Dot-Marie tells Mark.
"I had some terrible stuff happen there, like having to cut down a kid who killed himself," Dot-Marie recalls of her painful memories.
But Dot-Marie says ultimately, "I love kids. I have like 24 nieces and nephews; I'm the youngest of six."
On this Sunday's special episode of "Glee" following the Super Bowl, Dot-Marie's character will share a tender moment with Spanish teacher Will Schuester, played by Matthew Morrison.

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