Are you looking for a toothpaste that will absolutely whiten your teeth?

Here is the Colgate Optic White.

The must - have toothpaste. You use it regularly and this high impact whitening toothpaste will removes stains ordinary toothpastes don't and whitens more than 3 shades. The results start in just one week.

Plus, it's got a special formula made with enamel-safe whitening toothpaste ingredients.

For best result brush twice daily for four weeks.

Are you aware of the color codes or marking on your toothpaste?

Some says that The meaning of the colors on the bottom of toothpaste tubes are

Green  = Natural
Blue    =  Natural + Medicine
Red    =  Natural + Chemical Composition
Black  =  Pure Chemical

Still no further studies show that this is true. You may consult your dentist to confirm this. Because they know what is best for our teeth.

Happy Brushing....

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