Fashion is a form of art, as for me. It is a skill or a talent. Being able to out up your own style is a thumbs up.

Here are the most fashionista male celebrities in South Korea.

1. G-Dragon

Big Bang's G-Dragon aka Kwon Ji Yong, As we all know, has its own style. He is more hands on with his style. Whatever style he does he can pull it off. He does look good as always. We are impressed on how he conceptualized his own style. He certainly is has a talent on it. He is truly an artist. He is the most fashionable idol today, everyone will agree.

2. Jang Geun Seuk

Jang Geun Seuk is also a very fashionable male celebrity. Having long hair, curls, or short hair he manage to look good in stand out from the rest. In every event, you wouldn't want to missed out JGS fashion statement. And as expected you will not be disappointed.

3. Kim Jae Joong

JYJ's JaeJoong and a former TVXQ member has a distinctive style too. Even though he is wearing a white shirt and a jeans, you will surely be in awe. He can easily charm each everyone. Most of the women would prefer to see him topless for the reason that is already very obvious. Having a likely perfect body, you will never get tired.

4. Yoo Ah-In

The fashion king himself, Yoo Ah-In. He is simply adorable. Having good looks and the right character, you will never go wrong. His style is admired by fellow celebrities. Still, he is the one and only fashion king.

5. Lee Dong Wook


Hotel King Lee Dong Wook is as fashionable as ever. He has the amazing aura.

6. Kim Woo Bin

The Heir's star Kim Woo Bin is admirable as ever. He is known for his sarcastic attitude in the dramas. But this is Kim Woo Bin's charm. Isn't he adorable?

7. Song Joong ki


The Innocent Man himself, Song Joong Ki. We really can't forget him in the movie werewolf boy. He is good in acting and he manage to look good in every scene. He stands out even he wear simple clothes. Fly high Song Joong Ki.

8. Kim Bum


Boys over Flower star Kim Bum, is really a flower boy. He has a face that most girls would really go crazy. We find him interesting to look at in every photos. The youthful spirit he has makes him on our 9th spot.

9. Lee Jun Ki

The king and the clown star Lee Jun Ki is on out 9th spot. He really is indeed a flower boy. He can wear anything and still stands out. The face that makes every girl envy (being pretty if Lee Jun Ki is a girl) but every girl wants to have as her man. The desires of every women. Having a pretty face and a good body makes Lee Jun Ki the epitome of an angel on earth.

10. Ahn Jae Hyun

The Blood star and model Ahn Jae Hyun is on our 10th spot. Isn't he the gorgeous vampire ever? We has that mysterious look and a cute look all together. In short, he is the best example of a sugar and spice. Wouldn't you agree? He has a that ability that can carry well in all the clothes he wears. When he walks on the runway, we felt that he is flying. We really like to see him on TV dramas.

What do you think on our top 10? Let us here from you. Who do you think should be included on the list? 


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