Whitening Capsules: is it effective?

I really can't figure out why they are many girls driven to use Glutathione Content capsules. I did a research about each products and read the reviews. Below are the data I was able to find in the internet and why many women keep on using them.


Glutathione is a master anti-oxidant, and a very effective whitening agent if taken in greater dosage

1. One of the more popular benefits of taking glutathione is that it cleanses the liver; and being an anti-oxidant, it rids the body of free radicals that contribute to aging and sicknesses.

2. The advisable dosage of glutathione as anti-oxidant is 10-20mg per kilogram of body weight. In order to use as a skin whitening agent, it has to be taken at a dosage of 20-40mg per kilogram of body weight. For instance, 50kg x 20mg = 1000mg. It has to be taken with an appropriate amount of vitamin c to be able to maximize its whitening effect, which as advised, is double the amount of your glutathione intake. As a precaution, please consult your doctor first before taking any kind of supplement.

3. On average, the first 3 months use of glutathione builds its foundation in your body and you will experience lightening gradually, speed normally depends on your metabolism and body chemical functioning. For some the results take longer. As you lighten you will notice that your skin is shinier and healthier than before.
4. It is advisable to take glutathione with meals and one taking it should try to avoid liquor or any alcoholic drink. It is also advisable to put on sunblock cream and lotion for the face and body.

Dermatologists prescribe MET-TATHIONE for its only side effect: whitening of dark skin.People with darker skin tone report that taking MET-TATHIONE capsules along with vitamin C for three to six months or more actually lightens the color of their skin. This side effect varies from person to person and it assures to really whiten your skin in the shortest period of time for it has combined the main components for an active whitening result.

MET-TATHIONE - is a kind of GLUTATHIONE which is a small protein composed of 3 amino acids called cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine, produced normally by the body in response to today's environment such as pollution in the air we breathe, water we drink, chemicals & pesticides in the food we eat that cause damages in our cells & system. It is often referred to as Master Anti-oxidant in the body. a “small molecule made up of linked amino acids and anti-oxidant naturally produced in the body. It has been widely heralded for its importance for good health and long life, “the greater the exposure to toxins, the faster the body uses up its supply of glutathione. Without the protection ofGlutathione , cells die at a faster rate, making people age quicker & putting them at risk for toxin induced diseases including cancer.” It is the most powerful anti-oxidant occurring naturally in all of 70-100 trillion cells that make up the human body. That is why it is called the master antioxidant (MA) the effectiveness of all other anti-oxidants Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Selenium. MET-TATHIONE should be taken together with Vitamin C to work properly


You will notice that you're starting to look fairer and skin is glowing.

Makes your skin smooth and rosy as a long-term result

Heals dark spots cause by acne and prevents it from coming back
Lips will become pinkish because the melanin pigments your lip will also decrease
Underarms will lighten
Bikini line will lighten
Helps us to maintain clear vision and if you have blurred vision or cataract this will help your eyesight since the sclera of the eyes are also rich in Glutathione


Master Anti-Oxidant

Dark Skin
Memory Loss ( Alzheimer's Disease )
Parkinson's Disease
Peptic Ulcer
Alcohol Drinkers
Low Sperm Count
Liver Problem ie Hepatitis
Chemotheraphy Recovery
Atherosclerosis ( Heart Disease )
Body Builders
Anti-Asthma/ Allergies
Boost Immune System
Regulates Blood And Sugar Level


The average period where a user can see visible change in his/her skin color as a result of METATHIONE takes about 2 to 3 months. Again, this is not applicable to every user, however, there are cases to which some users already see results in as early as 3 weeks taking 2-3 capsules daily. In other cases they show a slow development which results in 10-12 weeks before they have seen the results. Moreover, the best thing to do is not to miss a daily dosage. For the simple reason that people have different metabolism, weight is also a factor, the fact that some people see results early is because their body have absorbed the components well. Finally, dosage is an issue.


In order to achieve a faster result the right dosage for a certain person must be based on his/her body weight and skin tone. If your weight is above average (70 kilos above) and your skin tone is morena or light brown, its recommended to take 3-4 capsules daily. If you are black (African/Afro-American), take 4-6 capsules daily(again, depends on weight).Generally, we recommend users to take 1 capsule daily if they have a light complexion already, its potent enough to achieve a change of skin tone in as early as 4-8 weeks (again, results may vary from person to person). Once you have achieved the desired skin tone you may maintain it by taking 1 capsule daily. There is no such thing as over dosage in these whitening pills. Did you know that primarily Glutathione is given at a daily dose of more than 500mg to certain patients?MET-TATHIONE and its components are all supplements; they are in existence in our body. They are water-soluble which just means that if there's anything in excess, it will be just excreted through urine or bile. “Some people with darker skin tone report that taking MET-TATHIONE capsules along with vitamin C for three to six months or more actually lightens the color of their skin.” It is also recommended especially to people who smokes and are most of the time expose to polluted environment. Taking a separate Vitamin C such as ascorbic acid 500 mg also stimulates a better and faster result.

The reason why are skin becomes white in using MET-TATHIONE is because it reverses the dark melanin pigments turning to a light pigments and reduces melanocytes which produces melanin. Less melanin, a whiter skin. Met-tathione's whitening process starts inside the skin (dermal layer) going outside (epidermal layer), that's the reason why it takes time to be able to see initial change in your skin tone. The whitening process is goes head to foot meaning that you will have a white even skin tone in your whole body. It is advisable to still continue taking the pills even though you have achieved the skin tone you want. Take 1 capsule a day as maintenance. We all know that MET-TATHIONE is very good to our health and so taking it in long term will not only make us white but also it will promote better health. Its whitening effects are permanent only if you will maintain it (by avoiding exposure to sunlight). You won't go back to your original skin color even if you stop taking these pills, however, there is a tendency for you to be tan or darken your skin if you expose yourself to sunlight and other harsh elements. Sunlight provides vitamin d but right now we all know that is not safe for our skin to be exposed from it for the fact that our ozone layer is much depleted and so will not protect us from UV rays. Exposure to sunlight will indirectly affect the whitening process since it increases the melanin pigments in the skin, thus, might delay the whitening process. It's not really bad to be exposed to sunlight but at least have protection and be sure not be exposed at a long period of time. Use sunblock or sunscreen lotion that has an SPF of 45-60. It will protect you from the harmful effects of the sun.

Let's hear what a renowned doctor says about it:“The level of glutathione in the liver is critically linked to the liver's ability to detoxify. The higher the glutathione content, the greater the liver's capacity to detoxify harmful chemicals. Typically, when we are exposed to chemicals to which can damage the liver including alcohol, the concentration of glutathione in the liver is substantially reduced. This reduction makes the liver susceptible to damage.” Nature's Potent Liver Remedy by Dr. Murray" There are no side effects or interactions known with oral administration of MET-TATHIONE even in its prolonged use. The side-effect, we all know, is the SKIN WHITENING itself.


It's much better to take Met-thione with an empty stomach. Your body will fully absorb it because it is only concentrated in just one substance unlike if have eaten already or had intake something, there might be a tendency for your body not to fully absorb it because there are already substances present in your stomach that might hinder the process of absorption.

BFAD Approved:

MET-TATHIONE 500mg from Japan is BFAD APPROVED Number- FR49758 category- Food Supplement

What makes MET-TATHIONE different compared to other whitening pill?

What makes it different and powerful is the synergy between its various components. They are not only powerful individually, but also work together in what is known as antioxidant cycling. Antioxidant cycling is the term that describes how antioxidants work together to extend each others' lives and make each other more powerful. And that's also the reason why it is so effective to really whiten the skin in it's long term use. MET-TATHIONE can be considered as food/dietary supplements. This is not a drug and so there are no known contradictions and precautions to be taken into consideration.However, MET-TATHIONE shouldn't be taken by people taking anti-psychotic drug and chemotherapeutic drug. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, the presence of alcohol in the stomach is one reason for your body to not fully absorb the whitening pill.

Hakubi C White 

Studies have shown that the most common occurring skin problems with women in their 30s are blemishes and freckles. Stressful lifestyles, improper diets and hormonal imbalances are some of the causes behind these skin imperfections. To address these skin issues, Sato Pharmaceutical has developed Hakubi White C to tackle these problems from inside body.

L-cysteine- 240 mg 
Vitamin C- 600 mg 
Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)- 6 mg 
Calcium pantothenate- 24 mg 

Formulated with L-cysteine
vitamins C and Vitamin B6 in effective proportionS 
suppresses the production of melanin that causes pigmentation
Vitamin B6 in turn helps to promote active skin re-generation and flawless skin

In fact, research shows that Hakubi C White ENHANCES THE WHITENING EFFECT BY UP TO 1.6 TIMES!!

Adults (age 15 years and above) - 2 tablets, 3 times a day

Children (age 7 years to 14 years) - 1 tablet, 3 times a day

2. Hakubi B:Hakubi B - For people who desire sensually smooth skin

Formulated with unique Coix Extract, Hakubi B enriches your skin with a smoothness that only a baby can have.

Sugar-free and highly effective

These tablets are sugar-free so no worries about calories.

Who needs Hakubi B?
Hakubi B is perfect for people who wants to achieve and maintain a healthier, beautiful skin complexion from within.

Recommended Dosage:
Adults (age > 15 years) 2 tablets once a day

For Best results: 
Take both Hakubi pills together. Hakubi C White is for whitening effects and promotes active skin re-generation to produce flawless skin. Hakubi B helps to achieve supple skin complexion. It is complement with Hakubi C White to produce smoother, fairer skin.

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