The Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 is still no where to be found after 4 months of search. 

Flight MH370 was travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing last March 8, 2014. 
There were 239 passengers and crew on MH370. 

The search of the airplane is still at large. But the ongoing search of the plane is at Southern Indian Ocean. No debris is found as of today. 

There is speculation that MH370 might be shut down but as of now still in mystery. Allegations where made that it was shut down by US Thai fighters as part of a training drill that went horribly wrong. But no proof of this allegation.

The experts believe the passengers and crew probably died from suffocation before crashing into the Indian Ocean while on automatic pilot.

Malaysian Airlines were criticized by how they handle this kind of tragedy. 

Majority of those on board the flight were Chinese.

Family and relatives of the chinese passengers claimed the search was mismanaged and believe information was held back from the public.

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