Nutritional cosmetics, which is probably better known in the industry as nutricosmetics, encompasses the concept that orally ingestible dietary products may support healthier and thus more beautiful skin. This is not totally unlike the term nutraceutical; however, this latter term typically refers to foods and dietary supplements that support better overall health. Similarly, the term cosmeceutical refers to products generally designed for topical application and which contain active ingredients with benefits for improved skin health.

The term nutricosmetics appears to borrow from the terms nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals to reflect the goal of these products, that is to provide beauty and health benefits to the skin via nutritional products consumed on a regular basis. This concept encompasses a unique amalgamation of the nutrition and personal care industries.

More and more nutricosmetic products are reaching the retail shelves and can be found as functional beverages (e.g., NutriSoda from Andrea Beverage Co., Skin Balance Water from Borba), dietary supplements (e.g., Murad's Firm & Tone dietary supplement, Perricone's Skin & Total Body dietary supplement), and functional foods (e.g., Danone's Essensis beauty yogurt, Ecco Bella's Chocolate Instant Bliss Beauty Bar).

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