2012 Skincare Secrets for Radiant Healthy Skin

 Remember the maintenance free skin we had as kids? Women spend time and money on skin products throughout their lives and I’d like to share a few of my favorite blemish blasting secrets that truly work. When you feel better about your skin, it boosts self-confidence and your makeup actually goes on smoother. I’ve always had sensitive skin prone to breakouts so I’ve learned a lot about skin care in the last 10 years. I’d like to share a few tips below.

 If you have a big event like a wedding, party or dance that you’re preparing to enjoy, feeling a painful pimple coming on is the worst! If your blemish isn’t too bad and you don’t scar easily, take the regular route using a topical product and makeup to cover it. If the pimple is going to be a conversation stopper, or at least you feel it will, and might last for at least a week it’s time for more action if possible. Make an appointment with your dermatologist asap. In less than 10 seconds, he can inject it with a tiny dose of Cortisone which immediately reduces the redness, eliminates the pain and makes it practically disappear in a day or two.

 My second skincare tip if you’re thinking about joining a gym in January is to splurge a little on a better gym to pamper your skin and save money on facials. Plus, if you love your new gym, you’ll go more. Make sure to check your city for a gym that has a steam room and sauna. Go in the steam room for 20 minutes, relax, and then use your little Clarisonic Mia or any gadget similar to exfoliate when you get out. You’ll be surprised how great your skin feels and looks. Also, steam rooms are built for pure relaxation without any outside tech distractions unless you want them to get drenched. You’re winding down at the end of the day and letting every pore on your body breath. The best part is it’s all included for free with your gym membership so steam as much as your skin wants.

 My last 2012 skincare tip is if you’ve been meaning to see a dermatologist, make the time. Most insurance companies cover a dermatologist, but it never hurts to check even if you don’t have insurance. I highly recommend it and do your research and ask around to find a good one.


Don’t let the Chilly Weather Deter you from Finding Red Hot Savings

Christmas is only a few days away and after it’s over, all the holiday sales begin. This is when you can grab winter trends you’ve had your eye on for a fraction of the price. Prices will be slashed in no time, meaning you can bundle up at a bargain price. Here’s my top winter trends:

Faux Fur: This has been my favorite winter trend the past few years and I keep wondering if it will go out of style, but it hasn’t. Its popularity is ‘faux’s’ added benefit besides saving furry little animals, it can never go extinct. Faux fur is cozy, luxurious and adds an undeniable glam factor to any outfit. In my opinion, it should only be worn during fall and not a day later than the final day of winter. There are also so many different styles you can buy, if you’re not comfortable looking like a baby Grizzly bear in a burly faux fur coat. Try a faux fur shawl, a cropped jacket, a coat with a fur lined hood, a scarf or the most popular and easy to wear option, a faux fur vest. I prefer brown, black, or light neutral tones.

When you’re hitting the sales, don’t forget to check the shoe section. Over-the-knee boots or most winter boots you’ve had your eye on will be discounted within weeks. A great boot is a winter must have.

My third favorite winter trend is leather. Leather has been a popular style whether it’s a dress, like the chic cut-out number Nicole Richie wore recently, or leather skirts and leggings. Faux leather leggings have been selling like hot cakes at H&M where some are priced at under $20. From the moment you slither into them, you’ll feel chic and trendy. You can pair them with a top as simple as a stylish basic T or a longer sweater if you’re feeling overexposed. Leather sheath dresses are a big fall and winter trend and you can experiment with bold colors as well. Check out stars like Blake Lively who stunned in a citrus dress this fall. Charlize Theron was red hot in her simple leather cherry colored dress she wore at the NYC premiere of her new movie “Young Adult.”

After the holiday festivities are a wrap, these three winter trends are a prime targets for markdowns as the stores begin to stock spring items despite the fact it’s only January.

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