The newest trend in makeup for 2012, in three words ,"sexy and sophisticated" and is universal to all women. The key to pulling off these looks, have confidence... The five hottest trends for spring and summer 2012 hot off the runways - are liquid eyeliner, orange red or floral shades of lipstick, the trend in eye shadow hues are all about metallic, shiny and bold! The strong well manicured brows is still holding its own. Oh, I almost forgot, stronger hues of blush has made a real big comeback!

 Do you use makeup? I admit it, I do, and have for a very long time... I would not call myself a makeup snob, but after many years of using makeup I have come to the opinion that some of the brands that cost a bit more are just better.
When I started using makeup as a young teen, I didn't care about which brands I used. Actually I didn't even know about higher-end cosmetics, due to my age.  Well, as I became a young adult it all changed. After entering the work world I was exposed to so many women, all having favorite makeup brands, some more costly than others?

 My initiation was swift, before I new it I was buying the more expensive brands of makeup. Over the years I have tried so many brands, it would be hard to list them all.I have come to the conclusion that the more expensive brands do have an edge over the cheaper brands. I do still have cover Girl, and Revlon favorite though.
 I have many girlfriends that disagree with my fetish for top end cosmetic's. Some thinking it is ridiculous to spend so much money on makeup, I have to constantly defend my need for top brand cosmetics. In the same breath I have to say, I have friend that shop only the drug store shelves for cosmetics, and seem to look wonderful with their cheaper brands cosmetics.
I have a saying "if a bit of high end makeup makes me happy, why should it matter to anyone else? " I would also point out, many that criticize have not tried the better brands of cosmetics to  actually compare.
Everyone has their favorite makeup brand, I can't help it I have so -- many...I have added a few of my favorite brands of cosmetics below, along with some of my tried and true products from each popular cosmetic brand.I hope you will take time to add feedback below, and perhaps share a few of your own tried and true beauty products.

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