• Foundation
  • Cody Tranclusant powder
  • black eyeliner
  • eye shadow Soft gold metallic
  • and smokey gray
  • black mascara
  • lip stain with soft berry tones
  • Burt's Bee Lifeguards Lip Balm
  • cream blush rosy tone


To clean face apply foundation, set with light touch of power. Line eye top and bottom lid with black eyeliner. At top lid cover lid with a soft gold metallic eye shadow, at corner of the eye use eye shadow brush and brush just the corners of the eye with a soft metallic gray shadow, blend with finger toward the gold shadow, blend only 1/3 of the lid towards the gold shadow. Apply mascara.

Lets do the cheeks now ! Add a very small amount of a cream blush, peach in this case... Blend the blush into the apple area of your cheek. Time to add some drama! On a small powder puff add a very small amount of bronzer, lightly brush under cheek bone with a motion that is headed toward the ear blend well with finger, now brush the puff at each side of your nose, blend a bit with you finger. We are not done yet, now brush the puff at the protruding part of your chin, and blend in with your finger.

Time to put some color on those lips. Use a stain that has a pop of orange... Let the stain dry well, then add a coat of clear lip gloss or Burt's bees lip balm with bees wax...

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