Do You Dare Bare in a Crop Top?

I was recently asked by a fashion reader if it were possible to wear a crop top without looking like a cheap street walker. (Get my drift here?) I was also asked by a woman in her 40's if it were appropriate for someone her age to be sporting a crop top. Here I answer these questions and give you insight on how to wear crop tops properly.
For the first reader: Yes, it's absolutely possible to pull off the look while still maintaining some class. No, I'm not giving you the leeway to wear your crop tops to church, but in the right setting (clubs, bars) it's all appropriate! The great thing about crop tops is that the amount of skin you choose to bare is pretty adjustable. If you're a bit on the self-conscious side choose a longer crop top!

For the second reader: Yes, it is also possible. The ugly truth of the matter is though, due to age you'll really have to stick to more confined rules, which I'll go into depth later. But for a quick answer, wear longer crop tops, don't wear cropped tanks, spaghetti straps etc. Wear a high-waist bottom and keep the colors/patterns neutral and muted.

Crop Top Don'ts!
Crop Top Do's!

Here are some good guidelines to stick by when incorporating a crop top into an outfit.
Length: The older you are, the longer crop top you want. Also, if you're self conscious, go for a longer one as well. If you're in a crop top you're uncomfortable with, it'll be a mortifying experience which others will pick up on!
Do: Pick the appropriate length crop top.
Do: Make sure the proportions are right. As you go shorter on top with your crop top, make sure your bottoms are also going higher.
Fit: Unless you're in your twenties, avoid super tight crop tops. It's enough to be baring midsection skin without also having other assets popping every which way.
Do: Wear flowy, boxier crop tops as you get older. Remember, the trend is called "crop tops" not "bras".
Do: Keep everything in balance. If you're going flowy on top, don't go voluminous on bottom. So, if you're going with a tight crop top, stick with a loose or high-waist bottom.

Don't: Wear a crop top if you're not comfortable. It's silly to force yourself into a fashion piece that you just weren't meant to wear! Just because you love fashion, doesn't mean you have to indulge in every single trend. (I knew that when clogs were in, I would NOT be purchasing a pair!)
Don't: Let your mid-section stop you from wearing this trend. If you feel that you've got some weight in the mid-section area, you can still wear all the fashionable crop tops! All you need to do is wear a plain tank/cami underneath the crop top.
Don't: Wear your crop tops at all the wrong events. Weddings, funerals, graduations, church events, and conservative parties are all out!
Don't: Show too much skin! This is probably one of the easiest mistakes to make. If you're wearing an extremely tiny, tight crop top with some tiny daisy dukes, you're really not doing this trend justice. And you simply look trashy.

Crop Top Don't!

Celeb Inspiration Crop Tops!

I know what you're thinking, enough rules, what are some ways to wear a crop top?
Here are some of my favorite ways to sport the crop top:
* Try a drapey crop top with a high waisted pencil skirt.
* Go for a patterned crop top and skinny jeans.
* Try a floral floaty crop top with some fitted high waisted shorts.
* Do a longer crop top with an uneven hem and some wide leg trousers.
* Try a long sleeved crop top or sweater crop top with relaxed shorts.
* Try a fitted, bright crop top with some harem pants.
Rhianna is one of my favorite style inspirations when it comes to rocking a crop top. Check out some of her looks below, and try out one of your own crop top outfits today!

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