How to get the Victoria's Secret Angels Hairstyles?

Hairstyling secrets from the Victoria's Secret fashion show

If you're a quick study when it comes to beauty, you'll notice there are a few key elements to every Victoria's Secret model's hairstyle. Consistent styles reappear on the runway each season (despite what mainstream trends dictate). Try on Victoria's Secret hairstyles in our virtual hairstyle studio.

Victoria's Secret knows men, and they'll be the first to admit that fellas have never been big fans of The Fringe, not even on Heidi Klum (and especially not on Anne Hathaway ). Let us explain: bangs are cute and spunky and a great look for many women, but your boyfriend or husband isn't going to beg you to run out and get some anytime soon. They're just not sexy in the taditional sense of the word. If you want to radiate sensuality like a Victoria's Secret model, opt for chin-length pieces that can be curled into a sexy, Jessica Rabbit-inspired swoop. Take note: VS models wear their hair softly parted down the middle with a touch of lift on either side. You can barely tell those long bangs even exist.

Not just long layers, but long layers that are worn down for an effect that begs to be touched. Whether you throw your hair over one shoulder or let it all cascade down your back makes no difference. Sexy is the name of the game. Hold the heavy styling products.

Victoria's Secret models' hairstyles are strategically tousled and wind-swept to look like they have spent the day at the beach or in the bedroom . To get the look, apply a bit of texturizing lotion to your hair when it's damp and blowdry it haphhazardly, using your fingers to scrunch the hair and create soft, undone waves. If you have the time, a set of large velcro rollers, set in rows starting at the crown of your head.

When done correctly by a professional hair colorist, face-framing highlights serve many functions: they complement a tan, add depth to your hair, bring light to your face and can  intensify the color of your eyes. Oh, and did we mention they are a great technique for diffusing white hair as it grows in? Even the darkest brunettes in the VS catalog (think Adriana Lima ) have sunny blond streaks throughout their manes. --Stephanie Simons

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