The best looking camera in the world

It would have been easy enough to populate this entire list with Leica cameras but, if we really have to choose one above all the others, it’s got to be the Leica M8.2 Safari Edition. Quite simply, it’s stunning.

If you’re not that familiar with the Leica M cameras, then what you’re actually looking at, believe it or not, is one of the first digital rangefinder cameras that the company made. The M9 has gone on to take over with its full frame sensor and superb looks of its own but it’s this Safari Edition, of which only 500 were ever made, that really puts the icing on the already deliciously tasty cake.

The all-metal magnesium alloy body of the camera, topped and bottomed by plates cut from solid brass, is already a wonderful thing to behold but turn that mottled finish olive green, add a tan leather strap and Billingham case to match and you’ve got a thing of true beauty indeed. They were $10,000 when first on sale in 2008. Expect to be paying more than these days - if you can find one for love or money, that is.

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