Eyelash Liner

What do you think is the most effective way to get an awesome look? Sure, there are a lot of cosmetic tools that can help you do it: mascara, eye shadows, eyelash curler, etc. Yet, do you know that a humble eyelash liner can do miracles to your eyes?

O.k. eyelash liner won’t make your lashes fuller or more fabulous. However, eyelash liner can help you get an extreme and just awesome look. You simply need to know the correct ways of using and applying eyelash liner. This is what I want to tell you about right now.

So, there are actually two steps that you will have to take and two types of eyelash liner that you will have to use: an eyelash marker or a pencil and a liquid eyelash liner.

Well, here we go! Getting an awesome look with the help of an eyelash liner:

Step #1

You take an eyelash marker or a pencil and draw a thin line. This line should be drawn almost inside your lashes, just where your eyelash line is. So, you go with an eyelash liner from lash to lash. Needless to say, your eyes should be closed. If it’s necessary, you can pull the skin of your eyelid a little.

Step #2

Now, you have to take a liquid eyelash liner and draw a line over that one you have made with a pencil. This is it!

See, it’s a really simple way to make your look extreme. Just two kinds of eyelash liner, two steps, and you look just like a fashion model from those TV ads.

Mind that you can vary the length and thickness of lines that you draw. Probably, it’s better to practice a little beforehand. Thus, you will know for sure what results you will get.

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