Lip Stick

Lipstick is the perfect way to finish off any great makeup job. The right kind of lipstick can create a sophisticated, sexy look in a way that neither lip balm or lip gloss can.

Choosing a Lip Stick
A girl should generally try to pick a lipstick that is only two or three shades darker than her natural lip color. If you have very light skin, try to stick to sheer and warm pinks. If you have a medium complexion, try to stick to light reds or dark pinks. If you have a dark complexion, the sky is the limit! You can wear anything from light pinks to dark reds and still look fabulous!

Applying Lip Stick
For a good general rule, always try to apply lipstick while looking in a mirror. Trying to apply lipstick without a mirror will usually result in a big, gooey mess. While looking in a mirror, line the lips with lip liner first if desired. Then start by applying the lipstick on the upper lips and working your way down paying close attention to not get any lipstick on the skin or the teeth. After you’re done, blot lipstick with tissue to apply an excess lipstick.

Lipstick Tips
  • To brighten up a dull smile, apply bright red lipstick. This will make your teeth appear much whiter!
  • To prevent dryness, apply lip balm underneath your lipstick
  • If you want a shimmery look, put on your lipstick and then put lip gloss over the top of it. This will give you the perfect combination of matte color and shine!
  • To make your lipstick last longer, apply concealer to the outer edge of the lips before application. This will help your lipstick stay in place longer.
  • For special occasions, experiment with your lipstick! Don’t be afraid of deep reds or purples! Just make sure and combine the dark lip stick with light eyes and subtle blush. Dark lips combined with dark eyes or face is just too much. By combining your lipstick with the right kind of face makeup you will make sure that the focus stays on the lips

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