How to instantly look like a Victoria's Secret Model?

Victoria’s Secret models embody beauty, glamour and, most importantly, confidence.
Every year at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, we're amazed as to how these young women could keep such contagious and continuous smiles while confidently strutting down the catwalk.

Yes, they look beautiful, and are heavily decorated with lingerie pieces, but is that really all it takes to be like them? Absolutely not, girl! It's all about inner beauty and confidence. That's what allows them to radiate and glow so beautifully on the outside. By following these simple and effective tips, you will be able to rock that runway (or school hallway) and master the type of inner confidence Adriana Lima and Chanel Iman possess!

Respect Your Body
How many times a day do you criticize your body? It’s a habit we need to break! All we’re doing is hurting and lowering our self-esteem by this constant self-criticism. So when you feel guilty, sad, or over-analyze your choice of eating that delicious cheeseburger for lunch, do yourself a major favor and really look at yourself. Don’t focus on what you think needs work, or on what you supposedly lack. Focus on those strong legs of yours that give you the ability to walk from place to place, and allow you to intensely dance to Ke$ha. Appreciate your arms! They help spread love and ease with amazing bear hugs that can alleviate any cranky mood. Don’t underestimate that power, girl!

Replace the Negative Inner Voice with a Positive One, an awesome website dedicated in helping out individuals increase their self-confidence, offers an interesting and useful way of dealing with the issue of self-criticism: “Negative self-talk is a bad habit that has to be broken. When you hear yourself telling yourself ‘I’m too stupid to do that,’ ‘I never do anything right’ or ‘I’m never going to get anywhere’, stop the tape playing in your head. Replace it with a positive thought, such as ‘I can learn to do that’ or ‘My luck is about to change.’ Positive thinking takes practice, but keep in mind that negative thinking is a learned behavior. You were not born thinking negative. It is a bad habit you learned that can be unlearned.”

Point Out Something Beautiful About Yourself
Make it a habit to point out something beautiful about yourself everyday for two weeks. Don’t repeat yourself, and try to have fun with this. Go up to a mirror and proclaim your love for your long eyelashes, your hair’s natural volume, or your calves—just to name a few, of course!

After you’ve mastered the art of loving and appreciating yourself, it’s time to focus on dressing like a Victoria’s Secret Angel!

Decorate Your Bra and Undies
Afraid of splurging on that cute VS bra and undie set that caught your eye the other day? Save some money and design your own cute bra and undie set! It’s as easy as going to a store, buying a bra and undie, a glue gun, and paying a visit to your local arts and crafts store for a bag of crystals, glitter, feathers, and whatever else you need to amp up your soon-to-be fierce and vibrant delicates. Not feeling this bra and undie makeover idea? Satisfy your creative side and use colorful fabric, scissors, thread and needle to create your own conservative VS masterpiece!

Get Some Angel Wings
Now all that’s missing is the signature piece of every VS angel—her angel wings! Check out this website to purchase some affordable and cute angel wings (they come in an array of colors, too!) Feeling inventive? Make your own pair of angel wings, by following the simple instructions here. All that’s left is to wear your creation, and feel beautiful and confident inside AND out!

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