If you have perfect hips, be proud of them. But what if you feel your hip area needs correction? Don’t wear baggy clothes or too tight jeans.

You should know exactly what makes you look nice.

Here you will find some advice if your buttocks are too heavy, if they are too flat or too wide.

Read and use the tips in choosing your wardrobe for a better look!

If you are bottom-heavy…

Straight jeans with classic waist as well as flared ones will look good on you.Pockets should be simple and centered. No embellishments or décor on the area of your buttocks are possible as these can attract too much attention to your bottom, and you don’t want that, do you?Low-waist or too tight jeans are not for you either.Opt for clinging tops and jackets paired with high-heeled shoes.

Empire waist dresses will be a good choice as nobody will ever understand how long your legs are.

Pencil-dresses will work best too when paired with high-heeled shoes or sandals.
Monotone garments that don’t ‘break’ your figure into two parts will elongate the silhouette.

If your hips are too wide…

Generally jeans do not look well with your figure type.Low-waist jeans make you look heavier at the bottom. Too tight or shorter jeans will not flatter you as well. But that does not mean jeans are a complete taboo for you.Straight wide jeans with high waist and small pockets, together with long tunics flowing perfectly along your shape will create the right look of yours.

And don’t forget about high heels!
A flared dress with an accent on the waist will make the best for your hips. Select a nice necklace to distract attention from the problem area. The same effect can be achieved by a deep décolleté.

If your buttocks are too flat…

Tight jeans and a top will help you like Kate Moss. Low-waisted jeans will make your bottom fuller as well as pockets on the back.

Short empire waist dress or the one with an accent on the waist will look great. Trapeze, lampshade or layered skirts will add volume to your bottom. But stay away from too clinging dresses.
If you have full buttocks…

You are lucky to have a la Jennifer Lopez bottom. All you need is to emphasize it, show the best of your curves! Jeans will work best with you.Both low waist and high waist will look good. Straight or a bit flared from the knee designs will create the right image and make your silhouette longer. Pockets should be of classic shape and centered.Your top must be tight or corset-like. And of course, the belt!!! It will accentuate your waist and show the best of your figure!

Dresses with an accent on the midriff will look good.
That is all. I hope you will be able to make the most of your shape and create such a look that will attract all the eyes to you! Good luck!

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