Leopard print is one of the fashion classics that's always there. If you like it you can wear it in accessories, dresses, and footwear but since it's quite common now there are some fresh ideas of wearing it.

5 Fresh Ideas For Wearing Leopard Print

Animal prints haven’t gone anywhere in the new season. The snakeskin prevails though but leopard hasn’t gone completely. In fact it has stuck around for a while now and many fashionistas seem to love it. But since leopard is now something quite common we decided to put out some fresh ideas for wearing a leopard print.

Put Focus on It

If you want to accentuate the print you might want to keep the rest of your outfit more subdued. Black is great when it comes to a subtle background. Red, white, bright green. Be bold but keep it color vs. one leopard-printed details like a bag, shoes or a sleeveless jacket.

DO Mix Prints

‘Don’t mix prints’ – the fashion rule says, but this season is an exception, mixing prints is one of the trends so you can experiment with other prints that complement the leopard print you’re wearing. There are bad print mixes that conflict with each other but sometimes it’s also a matter of taste. So if you like to be noticed be sure that one print is dominant, it’s bolder, brighter or larger size. Otherwise the prints will compete with each other ruining your outfit.

Accessorize Boldly

This season is about opulence so you can throw in some dazzle into your leopard print outfit. Try not to overdo though. Sinceleopard print itself can be quite overwhelming opt for a few bold details like chunky gold jewelry or a bold handbag but keep it in balance.

Go for Subtlety

Conventional leopard print is kind of an eyesore to be honest, so if you like the print but want to freshen it up go with a leopardpattern rather than a print. It will show in the light but will stay subtle. Also look into leopard print in hazy subdued colors. It’s there, but it’s not there until you take a closer look.

Unconventional Colors

Leopard print in unconventional colors is not new, but you still can break away from that classic brown with some technicolorleopard. Wear it in clothes or footwear and try using color blocks to incorporate it with this latest trend.

Most times though, less is more. So if you are afraid to overdo it with the animal print go with a little detail in your outfit. It can be statement shoes, little shoulder bag or clutch or even just a bracelet or belt.

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