SOUTH KOREA Women are considered as fashionistas. Here are the glimpse of the latest fashion that you may like.

Method to dress in Korean is very identical with the combination of hats, scarf, short skirt, or a vest. If the trend that we always saw in everyday life as jacket, scarf, or hat is generally usually used for special occasions, but in Korea it can be combined in such way that it can be used for daily activities by Korean women starting from work clothes, holiday event, until to leisure activities.

You can combine your clothing by using a short skirt to make you look more cute, and your legs look longer too. For accessories, your can use the glasses to show your feminine impression, also can combine with unique necklace, bracelet, or earrings to add your the impression of elegance in dressing.

To select the type of clothes according to the latest models of women’s clothes it would be nice if you notice a size that suits for your body to look more press so that you looks fashionable. by choosing clothes that suit for your body shape, you can also look beautiful and sexyKorea is one of the country with unique, casual,and cute fashion starting from hair styles up to trends in dressing. therefore trend fashion in korea teenagers fashion has always been as references in the world, especially in Asia.

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