File this under things that are never gonna happen, but that Steven Hirsch throws out there anyway just to get his company's name in the news.

The Vivid Entertainment CEO is offering Pippa Middleton $5 million.

Not even to star in a film, but for a single scene. Steve says Kate's sister's "beauty and attitude" could help her become a huge adult star. The fact that there is an arse appreciation society in her honor and some racy pics online won't hurt.

Pippa Middleton Pic
Hirsch is also offering $1 million to another Middleton - Kate and Pippa's brother James - to appear on-screen. Okay, now this is just getting weird.

In February 2009, Vivid offered Nadya Suleman $1 million to appear in a flick. She said no, but then Vivid reportedly bought the deed to her home.

They are dedicated, if nothing else. Fortunately for Pippa Middleton, she's not likely to be swayed by money, given her own assets, the fact that she's now Prince William's sister-in-law and her own wealthy BF Alex Loudon.

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