Most men nowadays are very vain when it comes to their appearance. As a matter of fact, some men stare at their reflection in the mirror longer than women do. It is a basis that most men these days are a lot conscious on their appearance than women. These men are called metro-sexual men.

Knowing the basic tips for men is a must, however, there are certain tips that men must know in order to maintain their good appeal.

Tips for men to look appealing include:

•    Keep your teeth clean. Nothing beats a guy who possess a good smile. Your teeth reflect your hygiene so be sure that you will brush your teeth three times daily and use mouthwash at least two times per day.

•    Keep your fingernails well-trimmed and clean. Most women look on a man’s fingernails to see if he is hygienic or not. It is advisable to trim fingernails every week, the fingernails grow faster than the toenails, so take a good look at your fingernails every other day to know if you should trim it or not.

•    Keep a nice and neat hairstyle. It will be better not to keep a single hairstyle until the end of the year. Keep in mind that once people saw you with the same kind of hairstyle, they will get used to it and no matter how appealing you are, they will get bored with the same look. Try to reinvent your hairstyle and allow a professional hairstylist to do it.

•    Lotions, deodorants and body sprays are the basic beauty products for men. Deodorant must be used after every bath to maintain a good odor throughout the day. Lotions must be applied at least once a day or as desired to maintain a smooth and fragrant skin. Body spray and perfume is very essential to men. Fragrances give men the signature smell, so be sure to use a friendly body spray.

•    Men must also know how to combat the aging process. Wrinkles, puffy eyes and sagging skin can appear less soon by the help of good quality anti-aging cream. The help of skin care creams can remove eye lines and laugh lines. Remember that women do not exclusively use these creams because men can use these creams too.

•    Keep your lips soft. No girls want to kiss a man with dry and cracked lips. You can apply lip balm to prevent your lips from cracking. It will be better if you will use a lip balm with sun protection.

•    Facial cleansers can be used at least daily to maintain a man’s healthy skin. These treatments can also be used if a man has oily skin. Upon washing, you must use warm water with the cleanser in order to open up the pores and hair follicles, this enough will remove the oil and dirt that clogs in your pores.

•    Astringent and oil-free moisturizer must be used in washed areas to completely clean your face. However, these products must be used in a moderate amount because it may harsh and dry out your skin.

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