These fine young women are the Shannon sisters – Karissa and Kristina Shannon, to give them their full names. Playboy models and general gorgeous people, they are in the extremely rare category of smoking hot twin sisters, so we thought you might like to see them wearing sexy miniskirts at a thing they attended.

Even though it’s been less than a week since we last reported on them, it seems like it’s been too long since we touched base. 
Karissa and Kristina Shannon in matching skirts
Gosh, well, hello there
We’re sure that their hotness is multiplied by them both being the in the same place at the same time. The place was some sort of launch party, as the Americans are wont to hold, and the time was last week. But all of those details concerning the petty matters of space and time crumble into insignificance alongside their blistering twin-based sex appeal. It’s like a beautiful woman looking into a beautiful mirror.
We’ve all thought about it at some point – the act of actually having sexual intercourse with twins – and, well, it’s exciting. Despite the fact that sleeping with two women who don’t look identical would definitely include more variety, there’s something about the rarity of the whole affair that draws us in. 
Karissa and Kristina Shannon in matching miniskirts
Are those 'skirts'? It's more like a pair of tactically arranged nets
Although, you know, we wouldn’t want to get them mixed up or call them by the wrong name or anything and we reckon it’d get pretty confusing in all the ruckus. Maybe if we got them to wear nametags or visually distinct hats or something, that might help. Anyway. Moving on.
In future we pledge to follow the comings and goings of the Shannon sisters with painstaking detail, and whenever a picture’s been taken of them looking sexy, then we’ll be sure to let you know. That’s our promise to you, readers, because we love you. We’re selfless like that.