It’s Blake Lively! And, as mentioned, her fantastic legs, too. It’s basically a crime to not show them off, as Blake seems to have realised, so we could hardly hide them from you.
Blake’s in a film, you’ve probably heard – it’s called the Green Lantern, it’s got that lovely Ryan Reynolds chap in it, and we’ve written a piece about it earlier this morning so go take a look for goodness’ sake – so she, and her now-trademark pins, are all over the news at the moment.
Blake Lively at the New York Ghetto film studio
Tiny flower pixie was bored
What else is all over the news are some alleged nude pictures of her that were “leaked” to the internet. She says they aren’t her, which is probably true – we looked at them, we are but weak men – but they managed to give her an extra boost of publicity just before the film was released. Hmm.
We don’t especially mind if they were her or not. Similarly, we don’t mind whether it was some of these cunning hacker types who broke through her cyber security and nicked them or it was a PR stunt. At the end of the day, more publicity means more pictures of her legs, which is fine by us. Who could get upset about that?
Blake Lively backstage at a chat show
Blake Lively's man-backpack turned heads
These pictures were taken yesterday while she was backstage at a chat show and at the Ghetto Film School in New York, and yes, apparently there is actually a place in New York called the Ghetto Film School. Presumably they use really shoddy equipment and have to dodge drive-by bullets during filming.