Being fit does not mean that you have to do immense way of exercising. Jogging is a form of exercise that enables people to be relaxed and attain good blood circulation. With the proper circulation of blood and good exchange of air throughout the body, a person who jogs regularly will prevent different diseases such as hypertension, cardiac disease and diabetis.

Jogging is a form of running at a slow pace. The main reason why people jog is for them to increase their fitness while doing less effort. There is a definite difference between jogging and running. According to Mike Antoniades, jogging is a form of running slower than 6 mph or 10 minute per mile pace, 6.2 min/km, and 9.7 km/hr.

How to Start a Jogging Routine

For those who want lesser effort to be fit, you can do jogging every morning. However, u must first consult a physician to know if you are suitable of running or jogging and to determine if how far you should jog.

Start your routine with a short warm up.  You can do stretching or short walking.  A three-minute walk is enough to begin your jogging pace. Keep in mind that jogging is not about the speed. Your goals are the distance and time of your jog.

The first day of the exercise is always the hardest day. Determine how long you want to jog. Of course, you will have a specified target distance for the first day of your fitness exercise. This will be the base if you can go further after a few days of your jogging. You also need to take note of the time of your jogging routine.

The best time to jog is during early morning, around 5-6 a.m. During this time, the air is fresh and the road is very favorable to run to because of the presence of few vehicles during this time. In addition, the climate during early morning is different from the climate of around 7 a.m. onwards. It is advisable to do stretching after every jogging routine.

Determine the Different Jogging Benefits

There are different benefits of this simple exercise. Jogging benefits include:

•    Jogging can reduce a lot of calories. Jogging promotes weight loss and helps you gain lean muscles, this is perfect especially for overweight people.

•    Jogging makes you aerobically fit. While jogging, your heart will pump more oxygenated blood in your system. This in return will make your system more energized.

•    People who jogs regularly is not at risk of having hypertension. It is studied that those who jog  have lower risk of having high blood pressure and they also have lower chances of taking medications that lowers cholesterol level on the blood.

•    Jogging as well as other forms of physical exercise makes people calm.  Exercise releases endorphins that make people feel attain calmness while doing the routine.

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