The above video is a clip from Bad Teacher wherein Cameron Diaz washes a car by rubbing her wet body all over it. Although this can’t be a very efficient way to wash cars, we’re alright with it. 
We don’t know if you’ve heard, but Cameron Diaz happens to be in this new film called Bad Teacher. Oh, you know that already? Well what you didn’t know – smartarse – is that popular men’s magazine Maxim, in their infinite wisdom, have taken some photographs of her absolutely fantastic legs in a series of school-based situations.
Just so we’re clear, she’s also in the pictures. Not just her legs. That would be weird. She’s not a sock model, or anything, she’s Cameron Bloody Diaz.
Cameron Diaz and her sexy legs
Cameron. Bloody. Diaz.
So to allude back to that title – Cameron Diaz, like Experience, is a bad teacher. Unlike Experience, it’s not because she gives the exam first and the lesson after, but actually because she’s received absolutely no training to teach in any official capacity whatsoever.
In fact, the one time when she might have been able to glean some experience for a future teaching career is in the very film these shots are promoting – Bad Teacher – in which she plays a bad teacher, of course. We guess she could just get into character and do the opposite of whatever comes naturally, but it’s a long shot at best.
But Cameron Diaz is good at legs. There’s no doubt about that – those pins stretch on endlessly, like the bronze thighs of the Colossus of Rhodes, but sexy. And not quite tall enough to sail ships between, we realise.