Chocolate brown for "Green Lantern."Warner Bros.Although the world has yet to fully see Blake Lively as "Green Lantern" babe, Star Sapphire, she can tell you one thing: getting her haircolor just right for the role was no small feat.
Speaking to The Wall Street Journal about the role, the "Gossip Girl" star said there was an enormous effort to match the look of the DC Comics series during pre-production and filming. To wit: in order to get Lively's hair color the correct hue for Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire's normal-girl alter ego), Lively ended up testing 14 different brunette shades. (Who even knew 14 shades of brunette even existed?)

"I flew out to North Carolina just to test the brown, three different weekends on camera," Lively said. "So with that kind of attention to detail, you can imagine how it was in the world of Green Lantern."
(For those of you keeping a tally at home: Blake's brown-haired "Lantern" look is the third hair color she's been seen with this year -- and it's only June! She's rocked her usual blonde, of course, but she even did a stint as a redhead starting in April. In the photos of the "Green Lantern" press conference taken earlier this month, she was back to her traditional blonde 'do.)
And about her superhero costume: it's a bit skimpier than she'd prefer.
The "Gossip Girl" star and fashion-trendsetter laughed when asked about her revealing ensemble. "Well, a little more material would be nice," she admitted. "And by 'a little,' I mean a lot."
Back to blonde in March.Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesRed hot at the Time 100 gala in April.Larry Busacca/Getty ImagesConsidering that in the comic books,Star Sapphire wears a super-suit that's a few steps away from a birthday suit, it's a good guess the filmmakers didn't cover Lively in too much spandex for the film version. Just to stay true to the comic books, of course.

Lively admitted she knew close to nothing about the Green Lantern comics at first, but after landing the role she became an expert, especially since she "felt the pressure to make the fans proud."
Well, if the costume is as half as revealing as she teases, comic book fanboys will most likely approve of what she brings to the film.

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