Selena Gomez has sung many songs. Songs including Who Saysand Round & Round. She’s never content, though, so she’s released yet another one called Love You Like a Love Song, complete with – as standard – a pretty sexy video.

Selena Gomez in her video for Love You Like a Love Song
Selena, in this video, is singing karaoke. Except really she isn’t – it’s a professionally-produced video, and the karaoke, the bar, the punters, everything is all a lie. Especially the way that, through the power of karaoke, she manages to transport herself through a realm of different psychedelic wonderlands. This rarely happens when you sing karaoke for real.
We don’t sing karaoke anymore. We used to, but then again we used to go to a lot of pretty rubbish bars. And there was one incident that scarred us forever and we can’t go back – suffice to say it involved being forced to sing Blue’s masterpiece All Rise by four burly rugby players hepped up on coke, and everyone laughing at us because we didn’t know the words.
Selena Gomez in her video for Love You Like a Love Song
Bet Selena knew all her bloody words
Why would you know the words to All Rise, anyway? And why couldn’t they have picked a better song? It keeps us awake at nights, sometimes.
Back to Selena, though. Luckily for us, she happens to change into a foxy rainbow basque for part of the performance, which is nice, although she’s still carrying that whole 'good girl' image around from her youth that Britney managed to invert in her very first video. 
Selena Gomez in her video for Love You Like a Love Song
Later in the video there's some lightsaber mariachi piñata action. As you do
One day soon, we hope, Selena will cotton on to the fact that she’s just plain hot, ditch that Beiber character, and kick out videos of herself in sexy costumes like good old Britney used to. One day. Soon.